Here are 5 reasons behind Squid Game’s enormous popularity

Squid Game
Here is how Squid Games became one of the best Hollywood stories

The South Korean drama Squid Game took the entire world by storm. It topped as number one in more than 15 countries and has been also rated as one of the best dramas ever. Lee Jung-jae, Park Hae-soo, Wi Ha-joon, HoYeon Jung, O Yeong-su, Heo Sung-tae, Anupam Tripathi, and Kim Joo-ryoung are among the main cast members of the drama.

The show sets on a competition in which 456 players, all of whom are deeply in debt, risk their lives by playing a series of lethal children’s games in the hopes of winning a $45.6 billion reward. With this huge reward, comes a giant risk, a lot of bloodsheds, and some gut-wrenching scenes.

There were various reasons for the success of the series in the foreign market but here are 5 main reasons why Squid Game was the best drama of 2021:

Squid Game | Official Trailer | Netflix

The increased screen time

The pandemic made all of us glued to our screens. Be it laptops, phones, or even TV screens, the average increase in the screen time of a US citizen was recorded to be around 4 hrs.

With this increase, it became naturally easy for a web series to catch the eyes of people from all across the globe. This along with promotions, advertisements, and marketing ensured that Squid Game should become a success over not one but many countries.

Alongside the increased screen time, the psychology of bingeing series more than movies has been inculcated in our minds during these lockdowns. Therefore, the preference towards the drama over any other movie was an obvious response of the audience.

Diverse foreign content

Netflix has an abundance of content for anyone to consume. Therefore, making your mark as a global success is very rare. But with the Korean wave taking over and K-dramas becoming gaining more popularity, the urge to watch one is high amongst the audience as well.

This abundance of content has also led to people trying to watch cross-border content even more.

Squid Game

Out of the box story concept

The whole concept of Squid Game inculcated a unique storyline, magnificent plot twists, incredible cast, and high-quality production. This made it even more appealing to the audience. The whole watch of the series is quite an adrenaline rush alongside the various sad scenes that leave everyone with teary eyes.

Saturation has gripped the US market

Hollywood overall did not have a good year in 2021. The gross income was low and most movies did not perform well at the box office. In this fit of saturation, everyone was looking for something new and something different to entertain themselves. Filling in the gap of which Squid Game was a phenomenal breakthrough for the monotony.

The ability to strike the right chords with the audience

Squid games have invested stories of people who resonate with the lives of almost everyone. The pandemic has brought extreme financial hardships for a lot of us and therefore connecting with the characters of the story seemed pretty easy for the audience.