David Beckham’s trick while posing for family photo leaves netizens in stitches; Check out the picture

David Beckham
David Beckham plays his trick during a family photo

David Beckham, 46, was captured on camera standing on his tiptoes next to his son Romeo. In a celebratory photo, members of the Beckham family stood side by side.

Victoria Beckham snapped a photo of the boys together, with David squatting. To prevent any height comparisons with his sons, the football star knelt down. This is in contrast to another photo he shared a few days ago to commemorate the holiday season.

David Beckham and his wife Victoria Beckham, as well as their children Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper Seven, are always posting lovely images of their family. The Beckhams posed for a stunning portrait for Christmas as well, but David made the whole thing even funnier by using one of his tricks to look taller in the snap!


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As he posed next to his towering son Romeo in the adorable Christmas shot, eagle-eyed fans observed the football star straining to give himself some more height.

Fans were left in stitches by the move, with one asking: ‘David, are you jealous of your son’s height?’ in the comments section of the image published to wife Victoria’s Instagram.

‘Amazing shot, especially Mr Beckham on his tip toes,’ said another. ‘Wait, is David on his tiptoes!!?’ a third fan inquired.

‘David is standing on his toes, which is hilarious! ‘Merry Christmas from Holland,’ a fourth wrote.

When fans saw David standing on his tiptoes on Christmas Day, they were in stitches.


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David’s 70.3 million Instagram followers were notified of the post. Fans were quick to notice the star adjusting his height. And David was determined not to repeat the mistake of being the target of teasing from fans.

Victoria shared another photo with her 29.3 million Instagram followers. Before taking the photo, the former footballer made sure no one could accuse him of doing the “tiptoe trick.”

“Didn’t need the tiptoe trick here,” he commented on his wife’s photo. “The boys are back in tows,” the comment added.

David and Victoria Beckham frequently post pictures of their children having fun on social media. Victoria even made fun of David for being sad about returning to school following Harper Seven’s summer break.