BTS member V gets showered with immense love on his birthday

BTS member V gets showered with immense love on birthday

Social media is again filled with messages and blessings because BTS member V aka Kim Taehyung has turned 26 today. The South Korean singer and songwriter received enormous love from his fans and even bandmates on his big day. Born on the 30th of December 1995 in Daegu, South Korea, V made his debut with BTS in 2013 and has ever since been loved by the fans. Every year his birthday is filled with lots of surprises from fans and friends all across the globe. Even this year, Armies made a point to make sure that his Birthday brings in special gifts.

Armies donate money for charity events

A few days before V’s birthday, Malaysian Armies made the adoption of a White Tiger in his name to celebrate the singer from Ampang’s zoo Negara. They are also raising funds for the maintenance and care of the tiger whom they named “Kim Taehyung” after the singer.

On the other hand, Armies in China in collaboration with China Youth Development Foundation are organising fundraising campaigns to make schools celebrate the singer’s birthday. The school will be named Taehyung Hope Primary school and will ensure education for those who are underprivileged.

Another army on Twitter is trying to raise funds for differently-abled and homeless people. The project is named #Accessibilitae and aims towards providing quality life to those in need.

Armies in Bangladesh tried collecting money for providing food to street children in this chilling weather as a Birthday project for the singer.

At the end of the day, BTS fans are trying their level best to spread positivity in these tough times and what best way to do it on their Idol’s birthday.

Impressive billboard hoardings

A BTS member’s birthday never goes with beautiful billboard hoardings. Of course, there had to be mesmerising hoardings this time as well. Even in India, cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru have placed the celebrations outside. From metro stations to famous streets, billboard hoardings by fans to celebrate V’s Birthday have been put across all places for rows to see.

Apart from these, countries like the USA, UK,  South Korea, Japan and many more have regular birthday project billboard hoardings for days altogether.

Even Dubai’s Burj Khalifa has made the celebration a tad bit grand by emitting light hoardings for V’s birthday.

Mischief managed 

All BTS members are known for their notorious attitude and well if it’s your best friend’s birthday, who would control it anyways. Sharing a funny picture of Taehyung, Jimin wished him a very happy birthday via Twitter. Another member  J-hope also stepped in and shared a picture of V that he purposefully asked to be shared on Instagram to wish him.

Suga on the other hand shared a rather heartfelt message wherein he wrote that since he has tested positive for COVID and is in quarantine, he is sending his heart as a gift.