Top 5 K-dramas to watch in January 2022

All of us are dead
Top 5 K-dramas to watch in January 2022

K-dramas are the best stress reliever one can actually have. From mind-boggling stories to heart-clenching plot twists, each drama has its own charm to lure the audience. January 2022 is all set with a perfect timeline of the release of some of the most anticipated dramas ever. Fans have been speculating about the release date, casts and plotlines for months all together now.

Listed below are 5 K-dramas that have been in talk the most:

Ghost Doctor (January 3)

Ghost Doctor, a fictional medical K-drama of a varied range, is about two physicians who are diametrically opposed but end up merging their bodies and souls after an accident. The show will highlight the tragic stories of ghost physicians who are unable to abandon their hospitals or patients even after their demise.

Ghost Doctor

Tracer ( January 7)

Im Si Wan is a businessman with a goal! Hwang Dong Ju, the chief of taxes division 5 of the National Tax Service, is played by the outstanding idol turned actor. He goes to great lengths to track out money that has been concealed from the IRS. Seo Hye Young, a man who can win anyone’s heart with his pleasant nature, and Oh Young, his supervisor, are among his skilled squad. Meanwhile, In Tae Joon, the head of a regional tax office appears to be a guy who wants more than he has and is filled with uncontrollable greed. Is he a potential danger to Hwang Dong Ju?


Internal Medicine Doctor Park (January 14)

Medical K-dramas are a speciality of South Korea, and researchers guarantee you’ll like this one! Dr. Park Won Jang, played by Lee Soo Jin, creates a medical clinic in order to become the finest doctor in the world and earn a lot of money. He thinks that starting a private practice will make him a lot of money, but things don’t go as planned, and he discovers himself on the edge of collapse.

Internal Medicine

Through The Darkness (January 14)

In 2021, we were greeted by a Kim Nam Gil drama! The drama follows Song Ha Young, South Korea’s first criminal profiler, as portrayed by Kim Nam Gil. He is calm, personable, and knowledgeable. When he’s given a case, he goes into every detail and tries to interpret a criminal’s mindset and intent with the help of other criminal profilers. The drama is based on the same-named non-fiction book by Kwon II Yong, South Korea’s first criminal profiler, and Ko Na Mu, a journalist, published in 2018.

Through The Darkness

All Of Us Are Dead (January 28)

The Koreans are the masters of the ‘zombie-thriller’ genre, and they are here to confirm it with All Of Us Are Dead. During the outbreak of a zombie virus, a group of teenage high school kids are trapped inside the school. The circumstance will put their relationship and integrity to the test as each of them tries their hardest to survive the ordeal.