BTS’ RM and Jin test negative for Covid-19

BTS RM and JIn
BTS’ RM and JIn test negative for Covid-19

It’s celebration time for the Armies. After Suga, BTS leader RM and oldest member Jin have finally tested negative for COVID-19  and are out of quarantine now. BigHit Music, the South Korean boy band’s management firm, broke the news on Tuesday, at 12 p.m. In a statement released by them, they said “today, both RM and Jin, who tested positive for the virus on December 25, were discharged from quarantine.”

Just like the other news from BigHit, Armies got to know about the recovery of their idols via a detailed Weverse announcement made by the company. The statement reads:

“We’d like to let you know that BTS members RM and Jin have fully recovered from COVID-19, and their quarantines have ended as of noon today (January 4).” Adding to this the company also said that both the members are all set to resume their designated activities according to BTS’ pre-planned schedule and will get back to the day to day work soon.

BTS RM and JIn

Previously, RM has shown no symptoms when he was first quarantined, however, Jin had mild flu-like symptoms for which he was getting treated during the quarantine period.

Both the members were tested positive after their return from a virtuous concert tour in the USA. Although initially both members were tested negative upon their return to South Korea, a few days later RM and Jin were tested positive when their mandatory quarantine period was supposed to end.

BigHit thanked fans for their support

“We’d want to express our gratitude to all fans who have expressed worry for the artists’ health, as well as medical professionals who are working hard to combat COVID-19. We will continue to prioritise the health of the musicians and strictly adhere to healthcare requirements,” the statement by BigHit Music added.

Armies make their idols feel welcomed

BTS RM and JIn

Armies were super happy once they came to know about their idols recovering from COVID. The world right now is seeing a surge in COVID- 19 cases and many celebrities are testing positive one after the other. Amidst this, BTS members testing positive was sad news for all the armies across the world.

But now after RM, Jin and Suga have tested negative, the Armies can have a sigh of relief. Many made fan edits saying that BTS has always been strong and have continued to do so and this is where most of them get their strength from.

Another fan took to Twitter and said “Finally a Happy news! Hope they can get back to their schedule soon”

Even Weverse was filled with reposts and comments about armies and their happiness about members getting back to the schedule and recovering.

Many even made fan edits and posted them on Instagram and Facebook to show their support to their idols.