After We Fell: Is it worth watching and is there a sequel in the making?

After We Fell
After We Fell: Is it worth watching and do we have a sequel in the making?

After We Fell is an American film full of romance and drama. It’s bliss for those who love sweet romantic stories. The film got released in 2021. Before the third sequel, the production came up with two other parts, After and After We Collided.

The story is a screenplay of a 2014 novel. The stars of the film Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes-Tiffin play Tessa Young and Hardin Scott.

In After We Collided, we saw that Tessa has suddenly met her long-lost father Richard. In its sequel, After We Fell, she helps her father by giving him a place to live and they talk about where he was from 9 years and why he wasn’t responding. Hardin on the other side, being a protective boyfriend doesn’t want her girlfriend to get hurt again, he threatens Richard to go back but they both end up having a good relationship.

After We Fell

However, both Tessa and Hardin face issues in their relationship. Tessa plans to move to Seattle for her dream job but Hardin finds it confusing as to why she is happy to leave him. Hardin, on the other hand, finds it useless to shift to Seattle for no good reason. This leads to small rifts in the relationship. Afterwards, distance made them realise the bond they have and things start becoming healthy between them. Hardin decides to bring Tessa to her mother’s wedding which comes to a beautiful end but later comes abreast with revelations that made some lives upsetting and change their lives forever.

The movie sequels were released as fan fiction on Wattpad. The movie is inspired by the One Direction singer Harry Styles and was based on fanfiction on him.

Where to watch After We Fell?

The movie is streaming on Netflix and can also be purchased from various sites including Google Pay, Amazon, and iTunes.

After We Fell

Is After We Fell worth watching?

It’s a no-brainer that different people have varied tastes when it comes to movies. Some may like the movie, while others may not. People with a bias towards romantic films may love the film as it is a romantic drama and teens, of course, may admire the cute love story with plot twists. However, even if you prefer otherwise, there’s nothing wrong with giving it a try because who knows it may turn out to be a good watch.

After We Fell Sequel

After the third instalment, fans are curious to know about the fourth instalment. The good news is that yes, the After franchise is coming up with the fourth instalment, After Ever Happy.

So, brace yourself for the fourth and the not-so-last sequel of the film. The film will be a continuation of the last part After We Fell and will also see the couple grow together. The movie may also show a leap of 10 years in the story.

The movie is expected to release on September 7, 2022. According to HITC, the film will be witnessing a theatrical release. So, if you have been fretting about where to watch the movie, brace yourself to watch it on the big screen with a bucket of popcorn and your favourite soft drink by your side.