Scream reboot makes a roaring debut, Spider-Man stumbles


With a whopping box office debut of $30.8 million, Scream has overshadowed Spider-Man: No Way Home as the biggest opening in Hollywood. The picture is expected to gross $35 million during the four-day holiday weekend, according to Paramount. According to Comscore, the fourth iteration of the franchise grossed more than the previous instalment, Scream 4, which debuted at $18 million in 2011.

Why did Scream perform so well despite the wave of Omicron?

The genre of the movie turns out to be the biggest factor for its great success. According to CNN news, horror is one of the most liked genres of movies in the USA. Also, the Scream franchise is one of the best in its genre.

Alongside this, the reviews of movies from the critics were top notch which made the audience even more curious to go and watch the movie for themselves.

The excellent box office results indicate that the reboot’s producers, Paramount and Spyglass Media, will have a very profitable film on their hands. The film used a total production cost of $25 million which has now been recovered in the first day itself.


Scream Cast

Scream incorporates some of the best talents in the industry. With gems like Courtney Cox, David Arquette and Neve Campbell on board, the movie had already sparked anticipation amongst the fans. The latest instalment has been deemed “an appropriately boisterous and gory good movie” by critics. It has also embarked itself as the finest Scream film since Wes Craven’s 1996 original.

Scream Synopsis

As described by the makers, the movie is about a new murderer with a Ghostface mask who is targeting a group of adolescents to unearth secrets from the town’s dark past, 25 years after a string of grisly murders stunned the calm village of Woodsboro.

Audience reaction to the movie

The audience response to the movie has been phenomenal. The audience worldwide has praised the movie for its cinematography, plot twists and also acting by the stars. In the past few days, Twitter has been flooded with remarks from not only critics but eagle-eyed fans.

Many are even pointing out easter eggs and decoding possible theories from the movie just to get their heads around the overall plotline.

With a sloppy 2021 not being a great success for Hollywood, upcoming movies can have some hope seeing that the reopening of theatres is seeing a good response from everyone.