Dolo-650 fever is high: We didn’t expect this kind of popularity, says Dilip Surana

Dolo 650

If we ask you what was the one thing that was common in all the three, or more, waves of COVID-19 that you have witnessed all this while. Would you say lockdowns, anxiety, panic, financial losses? Yes, all these have been a constant, however, these are not all. We have Dolo-650, too.

Can’t agree more? Such has been the craze, or the benefits, of the pill that it won’t be wrong if you want to term it as a magic pill, already.

If you are living under a rock and are still unaware of the rising popularity of this pill, it’s an Internet sensation already. Thousands of memes are what is making this pill a Hero of the pandemic.

And rightly so. It not only helped us beat the fever blues but gave us a breather from the terrific body aches that were a part and parcel of COVID-19.

Dolo 650
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Dilip Surana, chairman and managing director at Micro Labs, has recently opened up about the increasing popularity of the medicine in an exclusive interview with Money Control.

“The Paracetamol 500 mg market was always crowded and we wanted to have a Paracetamol with a difference. After we studied the market and held discussions with doctors, we found there was a gap in managing fever. Relief from fever and pain provided by Paracetamol 500 mg was not adequate. Dolo-650 was the answer to fill the gap and this was how it was launched in 1993,” he explained in the interview.

Dolo 650
Photo Credit: Pexels

Surana insisted that he had never imagined this kind of popularity for a Paracetamol. “We did not expect the kind of popularity that Dolo-650 gained recently because we have never advertised the tablet directly to the public,” Surana told Money Control.

While it’s clear what makes Dolo-650 a hit among the public – its effectiveness, the fact that everybody knew what they need in case of fever and body ache even before their doctors prescribed it, is where the real success of the pill lies in. And as Surana said, it reached the public through word of mouth.

It won’t be wrong to say that the memes, further, have added to the fame that the pill, today, boasts of.

Let us know in the comments section, if you, too, have been a loyal user of Dolo-650 in case of fever and, of course, body ache.