The Royal Treatment 2: Is the sequel in the making?

The Royal Treatment 2

There are some characters who instantly connect with us. Then there are the others who tend to live in our hearts forever. A case in point is Izzy and Prince Thomas. If you have watched the cute love story of the two, there’s no chance you are not left wanting more.

The recently release Netflix rom-com film, The Royal Treatment, is a hit among the masses, with netizens, already, demanding a sequel. But if you are looking for something out of the box, The Royal Treatment isn’t quite the right option for you as it doesn’t have anything you haven’t heard, read or seen before.

That said, it’s a critically cute story of a chance encounter between a hairdresser, Isabella/ Izzy (played by Laura Marano) and Prince Thomas (played by Mena Massoud). The otherwise free-spirited Izzy gets an opportunity to give Prince Thomas a haircut and the story follows. Of course, Izzy decides to bring Prince Thomas out of his perfect, dreamy and charming castle and makes him abreast with the real world. After all, that’s what we see in most of the Prince and Princess stories.

The Royal Treatment 2

While this not-so-perfect series, according to the critics, is not something that is extravagant, it does make its way smoothly and flawlessly to the hearts of hardcore romance lovers.

As aforementioned, such has been the craze for the film that people want to see The Royal Treatment 2 but is one in the making?

The Royal Treatment 2

The Royal Treatment Sequel

Neither Netflix nor the makers have given any information about a sequel to The Royal Treatment. however, if you are the one who has been tracking Netflix’s history of sequels, you would know the streaming giant always manages to surprise people with sequels of what seems to be a standalone film or series.

And given the extraordinary love that The Royal Treatment is showered with, it won’t be wrong to anticipate The Royal Treatment 2.

The open-ended climax further adds to the possibilities of a sequel and an even better story, which might appeal to the critics, too.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t seen The Royal Treatment still, here we are dropping the trailer for you.

The Royal Treatment | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Royal Treatment 2 Release Date

While there’s no official confirmation on whether The Royal Treatment 2 will ever see the day of the light, or precisely will ever be in the works, it’s too soon to predict a release date.

However, since Netflix doesn’t take too long to come up with sequels, in order to give its fan a complete dose of entertainment and, at the same time, leave them wanting for more, we might see The Royal Treatment 2 releasing sometime in 2023, given that the confirmation is made this year.

Precisely, if an official announcement is made later this year and the shoot starts soon after, there are high chances that The Royal Treatment 2 might land on Netflix in early 2023. However, all these are assumptions, since this is all we can do in the absence of any official communication.