4 Myths about healthy lifestyle that one shouldn’t fall for

Myths about healthy lifestyle
Photos: Pexels

From eating healthy to prioritising mental health, the pandemic has made us more vigilant when it comes to keeping healthy. However, in pursuit of optimum health, we end up falling for several myths. Eating less and exercising more, are just a part of it.

And as the adage says, ‘Half knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance’, it’s important to fall for anything and everything that we hear. Also, it’s imperative to understand that some of the habits that we think are leading us toward a healthy lifestyle are doing us more harm than good.

Here are 4 myths about a healthy lifestyle that one shouldn’t fall for.

Myth 1: Eating less will help you stay healthy

Myths about healthy lifestyle

Fact: Starving yourself can never help you in the long run and it can never be a part of a healthy lifestyle. Being healthy is all about eating mindfully and consuming all the essential nutrients that your body requires. Also, staying hungry for longer periods can land you in severe gastric issues.

Myth 2: You should eat more to stay healthy

Myths about healthy lifestyle

Fact: Our mothers and grandmothers insist on having that one extra paratha with lots of butter, because why not? The more we eat, the healthier we are. However, eating more is just as dangerous as eating less. The key to a healthy lifestyle is eating in moderation without missing important vitamins and nutrients. As aforementioned, mindful eating is the mantra of a healthy lifestyle and any other thing apart from that is a waste of effort.

Myth 3: Exercising aggressively is a part of a healthy lifestyle

Myths about healthy lifestyle

Fact: The biggest myth of following a healthy lifestyle is to work out aggressively. The more you exercise, the stronger you will be is a common perception. However, it’s nothing but exhaustion. Exercising too aggressively can lead to muscular injuries and can also drain your body. If you are a beginner, it’s always advised to start by doing mild exercises. If you have been exercising for a while now, it’s still advised you do it in moderation and not stress your body too much. Aggressive exercise and gym sessions will only damage your body from within. Hence, everything is good in moderation.

Myth 4: Sleeping less will kick out laziness

Fact: There are no studies to prove that sleeping more will not let you have a healthy body. On the contrary, an 8-hour sleep is a must and a part of a healthy lifestyle. So, if you find yourself sleeping more it might be a result of your body making up for the extra exhaustion that it has undergone. However, restricting sleep to 6 hours or less, thinking you will be more active throughout the day, is a big no-no. For those, who believe sleeping less will keep you energetic, it might look like so on the outside, however from the inside your body is undergoing extra stress and fatigue. And a few years down the line, or even less, you may suffer from severe fatigue and even weakness. So, having a good night’s sleep is essential and is a part of a healthy lifestyle.