5 Habits that are destroying your skin

Habits that are destroying your skin
Photos: Pexels

Who doesn’t wish for that glass-like Korean skin that boasts of suppleness? From spending hundreds on our favourite beauty products to hunting for natural ingredients in our kitchens, no matter whatever we do, it’s somehow never enough. And the result is, most of the time, a steaming hot pimple, that is here to stay for a week, at least.

However, while we don’t hesitate in spending on skincare products, what we tend to ignore is the daily practices that are killing our natural beauty.

Here are 5 habits that we think are normal but are destroying our skin.

Not washing our face before sleeping

Habits that are destroying your skin

Let’s be honest. How many of us wash our faces at night as part of a ritual? Very few. A long day at work and we are off to bed without worrying about the pimple that we get the next day due to oily skin. However, it’s the worst we can do to our skin. If you have oily skin or not, it’s a must to wash your face twice a day – in the morning and at night. This will help you get rid of the excess oil and dirt. Clear skin will pave way for a healthy one.

Eating junk

Habits that are destroying your skin

While as irresistible as it gets, it’s imperative to not get lured in by the doughnuts and the fries. Eating junk shows on your face. And if Korean skin is what you are pursuing, you should give up on all the junk eating habits and instead take to healthy eating.

Not drinking enough water

Habits that are destroying your skin

While many of you may say, that it’s no magic and nothing happens by drinking even 5 litres of water every day, the answer is it’s a gradual process. It doesn’t work like a magic wand, instead, it takes time and dedication for the results to be visible. Drinking plenty of water will keep your body and skin hydrated. Bring this to practice and see the difference for yourself.

Using too many cosmetics

Habits that are destroying your skin

No matter how attractive that bottle of the so-called magic potion looks to you, it’s a curse for your skin. Using too many cosmetics can leave you with break-outs and dull skin. If the products have even some amount of chemicals in them, it will affect your skin big time. Instead of spending on hundreds of those cosmetic products, seek help from natural ones and see the difference.

Not moisturising your skin

No matter if you have oily or dry skin, moisturising is a must. If you have dry skin, go for cream-based moisturiser, and if you have oily skin gel-based moisturisers are for you. Choose wisely and moisturise after cleansing. This will leave you with healthy and glowing skin over time.