7 movies like The Royal Treatment that are worth watching

Movies like The Royal Treatment 6

Lovey-dovey movies are the best way to freshen up your minds and take a deep leap into imagination. The Royal Treatment is the latest addition to this genre. Such has been the craze for the film that only after a few days of its release fans are, already, demanding a sequel to the movie.

The Royal Treatment revolves around Isabelle or Izzy who works as a hairstylist and her chance encounter with Prince Thomas, the prince of Lavania.

So, if you have loved The Royal Treatment and are already anticipating The Royal Treatment 2, here we bring you a list of other romantic movies also that can definitely blow your mind. Also, since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, you can simply add them to your must-watch list for that special day with your bae.

Listed below are 7 movies just like The Royal Treatment that are worth your time.

Very, Very Valentine

Movies like The Royal Treatment

Helen (Danica McKellar) and Henry (Cameron Mathison) have been friends since they were in college when they both studied botany. When Henry relocated to New York for a job at the botanical gardens years later, his sister sent him a flower arrangement as a celebratory gift. However, the business was so busy owing to Valentine’s Day rush that Helen accidentally delivered an “It’s a Boy” bouquet. Nonetheless, it turned out to be a joyful accident that revived their tight relationship, which rapidly grew into much more for Henry. Helen, a shy and gentle florist, meets the perfect man at Valentine’s masquerade event and enlists the assistance of her best friend Henry to find him, only to discover that her perfect man may already be there in front of her.

Love, Romance, and Chocolate

Movies like The Royal Treatment

Emma Colvin, a New York accountant, is distraught when her lover abandons her before their planned Valentine’s Day romantic holiday to Belgium. Emma gets the adventure of a lifetime when her Belgian innkeeper introduces her to renowned chocolatier, Luc Simon after she was persuaded by a friend to embark on the trip alone. For the approaching Belgian royal wedding, Luc and his fellow chocolatiers are competing to make the most romantic chocolate in Belgium. He notices her cooking abilities, and she quickly finds herself embroiled in the competition and a growing romance.

Dater’s Handbook

Movies like The Royal Treatment

Cass is a successful businesswoman who looks to be failing in her personal life. Encouraged by her sister, she chooses to attempt The Daters Handbook and meets various men to put the procedure to the test. Cassandra Brand comes to relationship expert Dr. Susie and her latest self-help book, “Dater’s Handbook,” for help with her ailing love life after realising she has a repeating pattern of selecting the incorrect sort of guy. She evaluates possible suitors using the recommendations in Dr. Susie’s book and then must pick between dependable George and fun-loving Robert.

A Valentine’s Match

Movies like The Royal Treatment

Natalie (Lenz) comes home for Valentine’s Day after being fired from her job as a reality TV star, only to find herself heading the town festival’s auction alongside her ex-fiancé (Macfarlane) owing to two cunning moms.

Natalie Simmons’ journey to true love is long and winding (Lenz). Natalie returns home to Oregon after being dismissed from her broadcasting job in San Francisco to help her mother (Mary-Margaret Humes) organise the town’s annual Valentine’s Festival. Despite the fact that Natalie is officially engaged, she is thrown into a loop when she reconnects with Zach Williams (Macfarlane), the gentle, gorgeous man who broke her heart—and their engagement—ten years ago.

Valentine in the Vineyard

Movies like The Royal Treatment

Frankie accepts Nate’s proposal, but they agree to postpone their wedding until after the harvest. Meanwhile, Nate’s older brother Marco DeLuca and her niece Lexi Moreau have announced their Valentine’s wedding, so he chooses not to ‘steal their footlights.’ He and his ‘child’ brother Gabe enrol in Dorothy Hubbard’s organic agriculture course as a special present, while Frankie learns about scientific procedures. Nate proposes his vineyard as a solution to the parent generation’s fighting about prominence, venue, and so on. A double wedding is planned, only to be postponed owing to poor weather threatening to damage the wine crop, rendering them unable to repay substantial bank debts.

All Things Valentine

Movies like The Royal Treatment

A blogger who has had bad luck with Valentine’s Day encounters a dashing veterinarian. Then she discovers that he is the one who has been making derogatory comments on her Valentine’s Day pieces, and she wonders whether her luck has changed.

When Avery, a blogger who has had a streak of bad Valentine’s Days, meets attractive veterinarian Brendan, she is ready to give up on love. When Avery discovers that Brendan is the one who blames his recent breakup on her blog and is the one who leaves her furious comments, she begins to wonder if the link they’ve formed is genuine love or just yesterday’s news.

My Secret Valentine

When a slick salesman arrives with aspirations to acquire her family’s beloved winery, a young woman takes counsel from the blackboard and notes that her strange home rental renter left. Chloe is furious that her father is considering selling their winery and “stress nibbles” to a beautiful boy named Seth, the wine salesperson. They spar until she returns to the cabin, which has been neglected since her mother’s death. She sees a message from Handyman offering assistance, and she thanks him by writing In Need of Repairs.