Debbie McGee on getting diagnosed with breast cancer: I was feeling terrible because Paul wasn’t present to hear the news

Debby McGee

Debbie McGee, 63, claimed she was upset after learning she had breast cancer since she couldn’t tell her ex-husband Paul Daniels about it. She also said that learning that her ex-husband Paul Daniels was no longer around to discuss her cancer diagnosis made it harder for her to cope. Her husband, who was a magician, died of brain cancer in 2006.

Debbie explained how once her diagnosis was complete, she cried and was feeling helpless for a brief moment. She further elaborated on her sadness at Paul’s death, stating that she thought that crying was no gain and decided to not “sit at home sobbing.”

“The surgeon instructed me to go home and think about it,” Debbie explained, “so I left and wept for about 15 minutes in my car. I was feeling particularly terrible for myself because Paul wasn’t present to hear the news.”

She went on to say that she considers herself fortunate to have access to private treatment.

Debby McGee

Debbie explains her fears with the illness

She went on to say that after witnessing Paul’s battle with illness, she understood how terrifying it was to see someone in pain.

The actress told The Sun that the radiologist who performed her mammogram in 2018 informed her, “We think we’ve detected something.”

She went on to say that when she was younger, a friend’s mother recommended her to have a mammogram every other year when she became 46 in order to catch anything early.

“When we were 17 years old, I had a classmate at school whose mother was a gynaecologist, and she remarked to us, Have a mammogram every other year when you’re around 46 because if you have anything, they’ll find it early. So, starting at the age of 46, I began paying £120 for a mammogram, which I continued to have in between my NHS mammograms, which I was invited to every three years when I became 50.”

Debby McGee

Debbie was diagnosed with abnormal cells that could turn into tumour

Debbie added that the radiologist had shown her three regions of abnormal cells that may expand and turn into a tumour on that particular day. “She also said that if I hadn’t been getting regular mammograms, they wouldn’t have picked it up because it was only a few little white specks that weren’t there before,” she explained.

Debbie stated she attempted to “get on with life” after a while.

She added that it was comparable to when she was dealing with Paul, and that “staying at home sobbing” was pointless.

Debbie told Mail Online in November 2021 that her life changed when she starred on Strictly after her husband died, and she became a much more lively person.

After five years of sadness, she stated she was now happy again, and told The Mirror she was eager to meet someone new.