Is motherhood taking a toll on your mental health? Here’s what you can do

Photos: Pexels

Sleepless nights, multiple diaper-changing sessions, the added responsibility of taking care of a tiny human and managing all the household chores, motherhood can be a daunting phase, especially for new and first-time mothers. That said, it can be exciting, too. However, motherhood, often, throws several curveballs at new mothers. From having no time for themselves to having to give up on careers, mothers can go through an extremely emotional phase.

While not many understand the struggle of a mother and, often, tag it as ‘everyone goes through this phase, you are not doing anything exceptional’, it’s only the new mother who would understand the real struggle. And amid all this, what, often, goes for a toss is a mother’s mental health.

Because we all would agree that no matter how hard a mother tries to seek perfection, the overly-possessive grandparents will always find a way, or two, to taunt the exhausted mother and point out her mistakes.

So, if your mental health, too, is bearing the brunt of motherhood along with its perks, here’s what you can do.


Don’t compromise on ‘Me Time’

While it may sound selfish to many, it is, in fact, called self-love. If a mother is not able to love herself, there’s no way she can justify her role. Working round the clock with compromised mental health will make you feel exhausted. So, spare 15 minutes from your busy schedule, pick your favourite corner and don’t hesitate in enjoying a steaming cup of coffee in silence. Don’t do it in parts. Whatever time you are sparing should be solely for you and it shouldn’t be exchanged for anything. This will help you beat the blues to some level.


Journal your thoughts

A 10-minute journal writing session can save you from anxiety and stress. Pour your heart out in the journal. Share all your good memories and the bad ones too, and make sure that you let it all out. This will reduce stress and will help you overcome the extra pressure. If you are not a person who likes to write, you can instead, utilise these 10 minutes to meditate. Meditation will help you clear your thoughts, boost your mental health and make you feel good about yourself.


Don’t seek perfection

The most common mistake many new mothers make is to seek perfection. They want to do it all, at ease. However, this is time for you to think practically. No one is a perfectionist. We all make errors and learn from them. While it’s natural for you to want nothing but the best for your baby, it doesn’t mean you have to be on your toes all the time. Because in the process you will end up stressing yourself and you will experience fatigue. Also, the pressure of perfection will eat up and you will feel embarrassed for the tiniest of things.