Shaun White opens up about his relationship with Nina Dobrev: She is ‘incredibly supportive’

Shaun White and Nina Dobrev

If you have got a supportive partner, what else can you ask for? Such is the case with Nina Dobrev’s boyfriend Shaun White who is really getting along very well with his girlfriend.

Shaun White has realized that his ongoing relationship with Nina Dobrev was serious thanks to his spontaneous decision to visit South Africa. “That was actually how we kind of started our relationship,” White told Us Weekly on January 18, 2022, during the promotion of his CELSIUS Energy Drink partnership.

When Dobrev was filming for Redeeming Love in South Africa, he went to visit her at the shooting location. “I was like, ‘All right. Yeah. OK.’ and she [thought], ‘Oh, this guy, he came to play. He’s serious.’ So that’s a thing that we share together. We both enjoy travelling.”

The Vampire Diaries actress first met White in February 2020. Both of them shared photos on social media from the trip.

The Us revealed the news regarding the couple dating in April 2020.” They’re enjoying their time together and getting to know each other better. Nina really likes Shaun, and they both laugh a lot together,” a source briefed Us at the time.


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Even White added about the commonness he has with her love and the problems they face just like other relationships and end up clearing through good communication. “I wish I could sum it up into one or two things. It’s such a mix of everything. Like our dogs get along, you know?”

White further continued, “We have common interests. The way in which we met really kind of strengthened our relationship. And the problems that we do face, kind of fall away through communication. It’s just been great.”

Shaun White and Nina Dobrev
Courtesy: Shaun White/Instagram

Adding to this, Nina supports White, who is a snowboarder, with all of his intensive training as he is preparing for the 2022 winter Olympics in Beijing, China. “She’s just been so incredibly supportive,” the athlete gushed. “She’s like, ‘Hey, I’m here to help you … how do I help you?’ It’s not about her. She’s just been so giving in that sense,”  White expressed.

He counted on her partner about her kindness and how she cares for other people, “this overwhelming kindness and care for people. She wants to elevate the people around her. It’s such a beautiful thing, especially in today’s world. … To have that kind of a caring quality still is really special.”

On the other side, Dobrev also keeps supporting and praising White. She described her love for him on his birthday in September 2021.

She posted a picture on Instagram on his birthday which captioned, “the funniest, most charming, sexiest, and hardest working person I know. Happy birthday, baby, thank you for always being older than me.”