3 Things to keep in mind before resigning from a job

Things to keep in mind
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Many of us might have resigned from a job, at least, once in a fit of anger. That taunt from the boss, unnecessary humiliation in a meeting, or dirty politics at the workplace. All these reasons are ugly enough to make one resign from even the most well-paying of the jobs. However, do we regret making such decisions out of fuming anger? While some may answer positively, others may not.

While it’s okay to resign from a toxic workplace for the sake of your mental health and self-respect, without giving it much thought, however, if that’s something you can tolerate for some time, it is always good to make calculated decisions rather the spontaneous ones.

So, if you are planning to resign, here are a few things you should keep in mind before resigning.

Things to keep in mind

Plan your next move

Whether it’s about spending quality time with family or looking for other opportunities, it’s imperative that you plan your next move beforehand. Once you have done this, things will become a lot simpler and you will gain clarity of thoughts. Also, you will save yourself from the extra stress of having to plan things on short notice. Moreover, the clarity of mind will help you hunt for better opportunities that suit your purposes.

Do your math

Things to keep in mind

Before you call it quits, it’s always a better option to do your math and make a list of your finances. Plan everything beforehand so that you don’t have to stress about it later. Rethink your bank balance. Figure out if you will be able to make it work without a monthly paycheck for some time. Make a budget and stick to it until you get another opportunity or things start going as per the plan. If you manage your finances well, it will be easier for you to sustain for a longer time, in the absence of a better opportunity.

Check if you have exhausted all options

Until and unless it’s a toxic workplace, before quitting, you must always have a look at the internal options. Try having a conversation with your manager or boss. Try to negotiate. If the paycheck is not the problem, talk to your seniors about what is bothering you and if there’s a way you all can make it work. Once you have explored and exhausted all the options, and see nothing seems to go right, you may consider quitting or resigning. However, make sure to put your best foot forward and try all options without thinking about whether it will work or not. This will help eliminate any regrets that you may have after resigning from the job.