10 K-dramas with best OST that you must add to your playlist

Top K-dramas OST

K-dramas are ruling the world right now. Not only do they present a magnificent plot but also give the best OST lineup. The songs that are inculcated in the dramas are apt for the setting and always breathtaking.

Mostly the OSTs are recorded by famous singers and K-pop idols who make the drama even more worthwhile. Listed down below are 10 K-dramas with amazing OSTs that you should definitely add to your playlist.

Guardian: The Lonely and Great God

Top K-dramas OST

One of the highest-rated k-dramas of all time, Goblin made news all across the world. Not only does the drama incorporate a great story, but it also has many mesmerizing songs. The drama has several OSTs like Stay With Me by Chanyeol and Punch, Beautiful by Crush, I Will Go to You Like the First Snow by Ailee, Beautiful by Eddy Kim, Who Are You by Sam Kim, and I Miss You by Soyou.

Descendants of the Sun

Top K-drama OST

Descendants of the Sun is an incredible story of a soldier and a doctor both of whom try their level best to do their jobs. And in the meanwhile both of them, resilient to overcome all hardships, fall in love with each other. The story surely gave everyone a teary eye and warm heart. The OST line for DOTS includes This Love by Davichi, Always by Yoon Mi-rae, “Everytime” by Chen and Punch, “You Are My Everything” by Gummy, and “Talk Love” by K.Will.

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Top K-dramas OST

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo is a drama with a lot of surprising twists and turns, but the music rises to the occasion tastefully. Exo-“For CBX’s You,” Loco and Punch’s “Say Yes,” Epik High’s “Can You Hear My Heart (feat. Lee Hi),” Davichi’s “Forgetting You,” and Jung Seung-“Wind” hwan’s are among the drama’s OST.

The King: Eternal Monarch

Top K-dramas OST

This is another fantastic soundtrack. Look no farther if you’re looking for a soundtrack that will transport you to another universe. The King: Eternal Monarch’s music is both atmospheric and exquisite, fitting nicely with the show’s regal tale. It’s an album that will make you feel as though you’re longing for a long-lost sweetheart. Hwasa’s “Orbit,” Zion.T’s I Just Want to Stay With You,” Gaeko and Kim Na’s-“Heartbreak,” young’s Onestar and Kim Jae-“My hwan’s You’re End and My Beginning,” and Gummy’s “My Love”.

Itaewon Class

Top K-dramas OST

The music of Itaewon Class provides a new depth to the narrative by exposing Park Saeroyi, the show’s protagonist and favorite restaurant owner (Park Seo-joon). Despite being given a bad hand in life, Saeroyi works relentlessly not just to realize his goals of creating his own restaurant (“Start Over” by Gaho), but also to atone for the injustices of his past (“Someday, the Boy” by Kim Feel). V’s “Sweet Night,” Gaho’s “Start Over,” Crush’s “No Words,” Kim Feel’s “Someday, the Boy,” and Yoon Mi rae’s -“Say”  make up the drama.

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?

Top K-dramas OST

From Jeong Sewoon’s soaring ballad “It’s You” to Kihyun and SeolA’s bouncy “Love Virus,” this collection perfectly complements the show’s lovely, touching tale of love between snooty boss Lee Young-joon (Park Seo-joon) and his industrious secretary Kim Mi-so (Park Min-young). Songs to listen to include Jeong Sewoon’s “It’s You,” Kihyun and SeolA’s “Love Virus,” Gfriend’s “Wannabe,” Jinho and Rothy’s “A Little More,” and Kim Na-“Because young’s I Only See You.”

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo

Top K-dramas OST

These Soundtracks are sheer sunshine, filled to the brim with popular Korean indie bands like Standing Egg, just like the weightlifting fairy Kim Bok-joo herself! Each of these songs is so catchy and soothing, from Kim Min-energetic seung’s “From Now On” to Lee Jin-funny ah’s “Again and Again.” Look no farther than this CD if you’re ever upset or disappointed. It’s a fantastic pick-me-up.

Kim Min-“From seung’s Now On,” Standing Egg’s “I’ll Pick You Up,” Kim Jong-wan’s “You  & I,” Han Hae-jung’s  “Dream,” and Lee Jin- ah’s ‘”Again  and Again” are all recommended tracks.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Top K-dramas OST

The drama’s tunes are powerful, just like the main character. Mamamoo’s “Double Trouble Couple,” Vromance’s “I Fall in Love (Feat. Obroject),” Jeong Eun- ji’s “My You’re Garden,” Moon Sung-nam’s “Super  Power Girl,” and Suran’s “Heartbeat” make up the primary tracklist.

Hospital Playlist

Top K-dramas OST

If we’re talking about fantastic music in K-dramas, we can’t forget about everyone’s favorite buddy group and band: Mido and Falasol! The group’s feel-good, happy, and encouraging melodies will immediately have you singing along. With guest appearances from Joy from Red Velvet and Urban Zakapa, the album feels like a loving hug.

Mido & Falasol’s “Me to You, You to Me,” Joy’s “Introduce Me to a Good Person,” Cho Jung-seok’s  “Aloha,” Kyuhyun’s “Confession Is Not Flashy,” and Urban Zakapa’s “Beautiful My Love.” are the songs of the drama.

Crash Landing on You

With performers like Yerin Baek, Yoon Mi-rae, and Crush on the album, you can expect a stunningly beautiful and devastating soundtrack to Crash Landing on You. It is, as expected, all of the above and more. This is a soundtrack that will hit you square in the feels with no remorse, so make sure you’re ready before you start listening!

Yerin Baek’s “Here I Am Again,” Yoon Mi-rae’s “Flower,”  10cm’s “But It’s Destiny,” Crush’s “Let Us Go,” and Sejeong’s “All of My Days” are all recommended songs from the drama.