4 Things you should tell yourself when feeling blue

Things to tell yourself
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From frequent episodes of crying to doubting our capabilities, we all feel blue and anxious every once in a while courtesy of a failed relationship, a bad day at work, or financial losses. While this is natural and happens due to the shift in hormones, sometimes we end up breaking down. Not knowing how to cope with it and stressing about how it’s taking a toll on our mental health and work, we, often, forget how to sail through the phase.

However, it’s not a Herculean task. So, the next time you feel blue and thoughts of giving up or bowing down cross your mind, here are a few things that you should tell yourself.

This too shall pass

Things to tell yourself

Every phase in life is temporary. While some people feel blue in the morning and are usually up and about in the evening, there are some people who are hit hard by the sadness. So, if you, too, fall on the list, it’s imperative for you to understand that this is temporary and it will pass. Instead of stressing about it, give yourself time to heal and keep the faith it’s just a phase.

You are stronger than this

Things to tell yourself

It’s important to reassure yourself that you are stronger than any of the things that have happened or are happening to you. While sadness may break you from the soul, it’s important to gather courage and find solutions to the problems. Reminding yourself that you can do better and you are not the one who gives up will help you beat sadness or, at least, maintain your calm in tough situations.

Everything happens for a reason

Things to tell yourself

Be it a failed relationship or a lost job, everything happens for a reason and you always end up getting better. So, instead of letting your negative thoughts rule your mind and make you feel sad, you should control them and tell yourself that everything happens for a reason. While you may that there’s nothing that can help a sad person, the truth is that you are the one who can help yourself sail through a tough phase. So, instead of crying over what’s gone, keep reminding yourself that things happen for a reason.

You might have lost something but gained experience

No matter how useless we believe certain things are, there are always a lesson and an experience that you get from them. A toxic job keeps you abreast with the harsh reality of life, and a cheating partner shows you how you should never trust anyone you meet. So, being able to realize and understand what you have gained, will help you beat the sadness and have a more optimistic approach in life. While you may find it difficult to understand it initially, with time there’s a lot that you can explore in it.