4 Signs you are an overthinker

Signs you are an overthinker
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Those with the not-so-magical powers of overthinking would know how they are able to picture everything in mind even before it happens. While some of you may think how good it is to have intuitions about what’s coming next, only the overthinkers would understand the real struggle behind it.

From constantly getting anxious about what if the things that are going in mind turn true to how you would be able to cope with them, donning an overthinker’s hat is quite challenging and not at all interesting. After all, who would like to be judged for something that their mind is uncontrollably doing?

So, if you are relating to the above and starting to wonder if you, too, fall on the list, here are 4 signs that will help you identify if you are an overthinker yourself.

You always replay things in your mind

Signs you are an overthinker

If it’s a ritual for you to play, pause, and replay things and/or situations in your mind just to find ways to cope with them or to find a deeper meaning in them, it may mean that you are an overthinker. An overthinker has the tendency to recreate scenarios in their heads and analyze them, time and again.

You always think about the worse

Signs you are an overthinker

While many would term it as pessimistic behavior, it’s one of the traits of an overthinker to think of the worst. This helps them make up their mind about how to react in that particular situation. An overthinker also knows when and how things can go wrong, and in order to control them, they end up thinking of the worst and ways to deal with it.

You give things a lot of thinking but are unable to do much about it

Signs you are an overthinker

An overthinker, usually, exhausts their mind while thinking about things constantly. They give things way too many thoughts and end up doing nothing because they already feel mentally exhausted and tired. If you, too, find yourself constantly busy about things that don’t even matter to you, it’s possible that you are an overthinker.

You doubt a lot

Signs you are an overthinker

If you find yourself skeptical even about the slightest things, and nothing appears as straight and simple to you, it’s another sign that you might be overthinking. While sometimes, we do get intuitions about people or things and it’s natural, however, if doubting things is your hobby and you always aim to find the complete truth behind things, it’s likely that you are an overthinker.