Girl from Nowhere Season 3: Is the series renewed or cancelled?

Girl from Nowhere Season 3
Courtesy: Netflix

The Thai mystery thriller series, Girl from Nowhere, created by studio Sour Bangkok has been the talk of the town ever since season 2 concluded.

The story revolves around Nanno the main character of the series, who moves to another high school in each episode to inquire about the students and teachers in the schools she attended. She aims in fixing the education system in which she chooses a victim and tries to fix the injustice done in the country.

For reference, Girl from Nowhere Season 1 was released on August 8, 2018, on GMM 25 and the second season got released globally on May 7, 2021, on Netflix. The show was one of the most viewed Netflix shows in Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam and also ranked in the Top 10 in countries around the world.

While the series failed to spread its magic in the US, it’s quite a hit around the globe. And it’s a no-brainer that the fans are all waiting for its third season with bated breaths.

Here you will get to know all the latest updates about a probable new season.

Girl from Nowhere Season 3

Girl From Nowhere Season 3 Trailer

As for now, no official trailer for season 3 is released. No such official announcement is done by Netflix. Until the further announcement, you can watch the trailer of Girl from Nowhere Season 2.

Girl From Nowhere Season 2 | Official Trailer | NETFLIX

Girl from Nowhere Season 3 Release Date

Since, there is no official announcement yet on the renewal status of the Girl from Nowhere, there is no release date for the third season. But if we go through the release schedule so far, the prediction can be made as it took three years for the second season but this time it may not take too long for Season 3 if there will be any.

*Spoilers Ahead*

Girl from Nowhere Season 3 Likely Plot

The series ended up shockingly, we can assume the third season will come soon because of such an unexpected ending. In last season we saw Nanno lying in a pool full of blood and Yuri saying goodbye to her. The ending marked us many questions like is Nanno is dead? Will there be a goodbye to her like Yuri? If the third season arrives, we can get all the answers.

Girl from Nowhere Season 3

Also, Yuri says in the end: “Your time’s over, Nanno. I will give people the power to destroy one another. Bye-bye Nanno, What will happen to the world now? It’s so exciting.”

After this Nanno’s voice appeared speaking “In a world where everyone thinks they are free and does whatever the hell they want, am I really necessary anymore?”

To know more, we have to wait for an official announcement for Girl from Nowhere Season 3.

How many episodes are there in Girl from Nowhere?

The series, as of now, has two seasons. There are 21 episodes, total, in the series.

Girl from Nowhere Cast

The show casts Chicha Amatayakul as Nanno who is a girl with mysterious powers. She acts as a guide and a punisher to humans who tend to hide secrets or want something without thinking of the consequences. She is a teenager and is neither good nor evil.

Chanya McClory is Yuri who is Nanno’s rival. In case you are wondering about the rivalry, in episode four, Yuri was a victim and Nanno tried to help her but after knowing that Yuri is one of the two rich girls who blackmailed other students for their sex tapes, she decided to change her mind.

Yuri was killed by the men she hired to assault the girls, drowning her in the same tub in which the bleeding Nanno was placed.

Nanno’s blood revived Yuri and gave her the same powers as Nanno’s. Yuri used her powers in killing her victims instead of teaching them a lesson. This sums up that Yuri is manipulative and has no guilt for her actions.