Never Have I Ever Season 3: When is the series coming on Netflix?

Never Have I Ever Season 3

Teen series and movies are the most viewed. And rightly so. It gives us a sneak peek at what goes on in the life of the adventurous and the not-so-adventurous teenagers. The high school drama, complicated love life, messing up with friends, conflicts, meeting new people, exploring new things, and even some pure friendships, the different facets of life make it easy for teenagers to connect with such series.

Just similar to this, Netflix released an American series Never Have I Ever which is full of drama and comedy of the coming age which premiered with its first season on April 27, 2020, and next year premiered with its second season on July 15, 2021.

The series is created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher.

Never Have I Ever Season 3

In August 2021, the series was renewed for a third season. The announcement has made fans hold their breath in excitement. Here you will know everything about the upcoming season of Never Have I Ever.

Never Have I Ever Release Date

Netflix hasn’t confirmed the release date of the upcoming series. The series is presently in production. The shooting was started in November 2021. The network gave an official announcement of Never Have I Ever Season 3 on its official Instagram handle.


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If everything goes fine and if see the schedules of the previous seasons, we can hope Never Have I Ever Season 3 to premiere in late summer of 2022, as predicted by Parade.

Currently, the show is streaming on Netflix with Season 1 and Season 2.

Never Have I Ever Season 3 Cast

We can expect the main cast to return back, which includes the lead of the show Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as Devi along with her best friends Fabiola and Eleanor portrayed by Lee Rodrigue and Ramona Young. Also, Devi’s family will be seen, especially her mom Nalini who is portrayed by Poorna Jagannathan, and her cousin Kamla portrayed by Richa Moorjani. Going to Devi’s love connections, in the last season, Devi and Paxton portrayed by Darren Barnet were together but on the other side, Ben portrayed by Jaren Lewison who is already mingled grow feelings for Devi which will be seen in Season 3.

Never Have I Ever Season 3

Will Season 3 have any new members on board?

As for now, the Netflix show Never Have I Ever has cast Anirudh Pisharody for appearing in five episodes of the upcoming season. He will play Nirdesh who is an Indian-American Teen and is attending an elite private school and might clash as Devi’s new academic rival. The actor was also cast in Fox’s 9-1-1, where he played a firefighter named Ravi Panikkar. No other information on new members has been revealed yet.

How many episodes will Never Have I Ever Season 3 have?

As of now, there is no information regarding the episode count of Never Have I Ever Season 3.

Never Have I Ever Season 3 Trailer

Netflix has not released the trailer of Never Have I Ever Season 3. The season two trailer was premiered in mid-June so we can expect the trailer around the same time or around July. Meanwhile, revisit the series by watching the Never Have I Ever Season 2 trailer.

Never Have I Season 3 Plot

Before the show got renewed for its third season, the cast and the crew gave assumptions about the characters of the show.

In July 2021, Darren Barnet who portrayed Paxton told Popsugar that he feels Devi and Paxton are an exclusive couple. He also expressed how he feels that both Devi and Paxton should learn about Paxton. “There’s a lot more for Devi to learn about Paxton, for Paxton to learn about himself, and for Devi to learn about herself. And when that all comes to fruition, who knows? They may fall in love or realize they’re better as friends or absolutely hate each other, so you never really know.” Barnet expressed.

In another interview with Entertainment Tonight, the show co-creator, Lang Fisher also expressed that she wants to see Devi’s family and their relationships in the upcoming season. “It’d be nice to see them kind of lean on each other a little more. We introduced her grandmother [Nirmala] this season, who is this amazing actress [Ranjita Chakravarty] and she just brought this whole other dimension and kind of filled a little bit of the void that Mohan [her father] left.”