4 Habits that are killing your sleep

Habits that are killing your sleep
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Changing sides, rolling on the bed, and ending up scrolling through your mobile phone until the sun peeks in. If your nights, too, look like this, there’s something wrong with your daily routine.

There are several daily habits that we think are normal but they actually are killing machines of our sleep cycle. So, if your sleep has gone for a toss before self-diagnosing it as a result of something serious, here are 4 habits that are killing your sleep that you should know about.

Increased screen time

Habits that are killing your sleep

The last thing at night and the first thing in the morning that we do is to check our mobile phones. From replying to the texts to just randomly scrolling through our social media feeds, all of us exhaust ourselves just by using mobile phones aggressively. Add to it, the work from home scenario which again calls for extended screen time. The increased screen time is taking a toll on our sleep cycles and is killing our sleep. So, if you, find yourself with zero sleep at night, it can be courtesy of your devices. In this case, it’s imperative for you to limit the screen time and avoid using mobile phones at least one hour before sleeping.

Late-night binge-watching sessions

Binge watching

Ideally, it should come under increased screen time, however, ever since the pandemic hit the globe binge-watching has become an important part of society and boast a separate fan base. So, if you are proud of completing those 10 episodes of the much-awaited series in just one night, you may or may not realize it but it is damaging your sleep cycle. A good night’s sleep is irreplaceable and no matter how many hours you sleep during the day, you won’t feel as fresh as after an 8-hour night sleep.

Taking too much stress


If you are prone to stress you may experience irregular sleeping patterns and may even find it hard to sleep at night. This might leave you exhausted throughout the day thereby reducing your productivity at work. So, if you are having a stressful job, you should keep away all the tension, relax for one hour before going to bed. You can utilize this time to read your favorite book or take to mindful doodling.



Many of us have the habit of overthinking things. It helps us to analyze situations or people better. However, overthinkers are prone to suffering from lack of sleep. So, if you tend to overthink even the smallest of things, you might want to stop it right now. While it is something that might not be under your control, however, if you’ll try there are ways to overcome it.