Here’s how NOT to confess your love to a long-time crush

How not to confess love
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Glued lips, racing heart, trembling legs, and butterflies in the stomach. This is exactly what you go through while standing in front of your crush. That said, the feeling is irreplaceable. The excitement coupled with nervousness lives with us forever whenever we are to meet our crush.

While the meetings are all manageable, the thing that bothers many the most is how to confess your love to your long-time crush. However, many will give you a to-do list, what is not easily accessible is how not to go about it.

So, if that already excites you, here is how you should never confess your love to a long-time crush if you don’t want to eliminate your chances of getting a yes for an answer.

Never say ‘I Love You’ on a call

How not to confess love

Many people find it easier to confess their feelings on call or via text. Now, this is a big no-no. This will not only leave you in an awkward situation but will also make the other person uncomfortable and all they can think about at the moment will be to sneak away from the situation only to never be found again. So, if you want to save yourself from the struggle of trying to reach out to them after that uncomfortable situation, never do it through technology.

Don’t ask a common friend to speak on your behalf

How not to confess love

Asking a common friend to do the job on your behalf is equal to spoiling any chances of getting into a relationship. No one would like to get to know about your love by someone else. Instead of hiding behind your friend’s back, do it yourself as and when you think it’s time.

Joking about it to know the other person’s feeling

Let’s be honest. We all have, at least, once confessed our love to our crush and then dusted it away by calling it a joke. This is the worst thing to do. Even if the other person has similar feelings for you, your talent for making it sound like a joke will break the deal for you. So, put your creativity aside and stick to the conventional way instead of taking it as an opportunity to show your humor.

Sounding creepy and asking them to not break ties with you

How not to confess love

Confessing your love is not a crime. So, if you are the one who, before confessing their love, insist the other person for not breaking ties with you after hearing what you have to say, for God’s sake, don’t repeat that again. This will make you sound creepy and it’s a cringe-worthy way of confessing love. Moreover, your long-time crush will forever stay a crush after this.