6 Signs your relationship is on the rocks

Signs your relationship is on the verge of breaking
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Everything seems to be perfect until you start to realize there’s something wrong in your relationship. A fading connection, swinging trust, and lack of confidence in yourself or your partner, can all signal a trouble in your paradise. While most of the time there’s no clarity as to what exactly is lacking in our relationship, it’s our intuitions that guide us towards reality.

And most of the time, we tend to dismiss the signs thinking they are a result of our overthinking and never-ending anxiety. However, the truth can be far away from it.

So, if you, too, have started feeling something unusual about your relationship, here are 6 signs that might suggest your relationship is on the rocks.

Your partner has started avoiding you

Signs your relationship is on the verge of breaking

If all of a sudden, your partner has started avoiding you for no good reason, this might suggest the end of your relationship. If it continues for a long time, you must brace yourself for a break-up.

Your partner is too busy to talk to you

If your partner doesn’t give you enough time and is always in a hurry to go somewhere or complete some work, it’s again a red flag. While being busy once in a while is okay, if that’s a routine, you might want to see this as a sign. Moreover, if your frequent long conversations have now been restricted to only once in a few days, a break-up is on the way.

Your partner has started to hide things

Signs your relationship is on the verge of breaking

If your partner who once gave you every minor detail of what happened at work has now started to hide even the big decisions of his or her life, it’s a sign that there’s trouble in your paradise. So, instead of ignoring it, you might want to consider speaking with your partner for the same.

Your partner is always hanging out with everyone but you

If your partner has suddenly started hanging out with all his or her old friends but has no time to take you out on a date or have a cup of coffee together, this might mean they are slowly losing interest in you. You can try considering having a conversation about it with your partner, however, things are less likely to get back to the same.

Your relationship is all about fights

Signs your relationship is on the verge of breaking

If conflicts have become common and every discussion ends up in an ugly fight, it, too, suggests that things are not too well in your relationship. Frequent and ugly fights are, often, a result of people getting annoyed by each other. This may happen if you have been together for a long time. However, if the fights are never-ending and they are leaving a bad taste in your relationship, this might be the end of it.

Your understanding has taken a backseat

Understanding is the foundation of a relationship. If the understanding between the two of you has taken a backseat and things are becoming complicated with time, it might suggest your relationship has been long over and just an official announcement has been left to made.