Here’s how to stop thinking about someone who isn’t interested in you

How to stop thinking about someone
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Taking ‘no’ for an answer can be a daunting task for many, especially if it’s coming from someone who you have been feeling for almost all your life. However, the truth is not everyone you love will love you back. So, if you have recently proposed someone only to face rejection, things might have become challenging for you.

However, stalking them or insisting them to have you in their life is not something that you should be doing.

Here are a few ways that will help you overcome your thoughts and stop thinking about someone who isn’t interested in you.

How to stop thinking about someone

Remove their memories

Begin with eliminating things from your life that reminds you of them. It can be a picture, a cushion, or even a mug. Whatever you think is connected with that person remove it. If you aren’t comfortable in throwing it away, which you should ideally be doing, keep it at a safe place away from your eyes. This will help you control your thoughts to some extent.

Stop stalking them on social media

How to stop thinking about someone

Let’s be honest. We all are guilty of stalking a person whom we don’t talk with anymore or who has turned down our proposal just to know what’s happening in their life. This is the biggest torture that you do to yourselves. Their happy pictures with their partner or loved ones may, in some cases, make you envy them. So, if you know a person isn’t meant for you, it’s better to remove them from your social media accounts to save yourself from having a glimpse of them or their life. After all, whatever they are doing, it’s none of your business.

Stop thinking how things would have been different if you were together

Moving on needs acceptance. If you will keep digging in the past and will try to imagine how things would have been different or better if you two were together, this will restrain you from moving on. While it may be giving you temporary happiness, in the long run, it will kill you from inside. Accept the fact that you two are not meant for each other and have faith that whatever happens, happens for the good and even better.

Seek expert help

How to stop thinking about someone

If you think you’re having trouble overcoming your thoughts and removing that person away from your memories, seek an expert’s help. Psychological help isn’t taboo. It’s natural and common for people to seek help from experts. So, instead of further stressing yourself talk to a therapist or psychologist who will bring you out of your thoughts. If not, try speaking to a close friend, speak your mind out until you feel relaxed.

Be open to love

The most common mistake most of us make is to close the doors to our hearts after facing rejection. This isn’t the way forward. Let love find your way and embrace it when it does. Not every relationship fails, and nor does every relationship work. It’s trial and error sometimes. Hence, be open to love and be loved again. If you find someone with whom you think you connect better, don’t let the thoughts of rejection stop you from making a move.