BLACKPINK’s Jisoo reveals a possible comeback; BLINKs can’t keep their calm


On January 9, BLACKPINK’s oldest member, Jisoo posted something on the fan-artist app, Weverse, that led to the group’s fandom, BLINKs, believing that the group might make a comeback soon.

The idol came to share a goodnight message with BLINKs, expressing her exhaustion from not having coffee, and added that she had to wake up early the next day. She wished BLINKs a comfortable night and her love for them. What caught the attention of the fans was her last few sentences.

“BLACKPINK will soon come to make a lot of memories with BLINKs, so please wait! Heh, I love you, my BLINK. Let’s be together for a long, long time. Haha, bye!”

Fans couldn’t help but speculate the meaning behind what the spoiler queen of the group had just said and come to the conclusion that she is hinting at a possible comeback.


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Soon after Jisoo’s spoiler, on January 20, in an Asia Today report, Samsung’s Security researcher, Choi Min-ha that BLACKPINK along with other YG groups would resume full-fledged activities in 2022. The financial report offered additional insights for BLINKs who have been eagerly anticipating a reunion of the members for over a year, since the release of their 1st full album, The Album, on 2nd October 2020. According to the article, the band will release an album in June or July 2022 and are likely to go on a world tour.

Amidst BLACKPINK member Jisoo spoiling a comeback and the researcher predicting an album, BLINKs took Twitter by storm by trending #blackpinkpleasecomeback. They urged YG Entertainment to give BLACKPINK, currently the world’s biggest girl group, another album, and overall a big comeback. Some fans also shared their dissatisfaction with the entertainment company in relation to BLACKPINK’s treatment as one of the biggest pop bands right now. These demands were always present within the fandom but took a hike after the financial report was released.


As of now, there is no official announcement for the group to make a comeback or any news from YG Entertainment. BLINKs are keeping faith in Jisoo and trying to patiently wait for BLACKPINK to release new music. Until then, they are constantly urging the entertainment company on Twitter and doing everything else possible in their might to get an official date for the group to come back soon.

Up until then, BLINKs being one of the largest and most loyal fandoms are streaming all the older releases of the group – from Whistle to ‘Lovestick Girls’ and supporting the girls’ solo projects and music as well and breaking records left and right.

BLINKs and everyone all around the world can’t wait to see what banger does the million-seller group has next to portray. After achieving international fame with their viral hit DDU-DU DDU-DU in 2018, BLACKPINK and their producer Teddy park never looked back and kept on reaching new heights with their subsequent releases.

Their latest release was the most anticipated one not only because it was their first full album but also they had collaborated with a few international sensations CARDI B for Bet You Wanna and Selena Gomez for Ice Cream, and one of the writers in the song happens to be Ariana Grande. The two oldest members of the group, Jisoo and Jennie had also participated as lyricist, composer, and producer. This has raised the bar for their upcoming release and fans can’t wait to see what does the group has in store for them next.