Here’s why you don’t feel the connection with your partner anymore

Lost connection
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If suddenly you have started to realize that the connection between you and your partner is not as strong as it used to be, your intuitions will be your guiding force and will let you know maybe it’s time to call it quits. While the decision might not be an easy one to make, it might not be the toughest, as well, given the fading connection in your relationship.

However, what bothers us most of the time is the fact that there’s love but no connection. And we desperately try and look for reasons for the fading or, already faded, connection but to no avail.

So, if you, too, have been thinking about the same, here are a few reasons why you don’t feel the connection with your partner anymore.

Misunderstandings have mushroomed in your relationship

Lost Connection

Misunderstandings are the relationship killing machines. No matter how much you love your partner, once misunderstandings have grown, your connection will die. Hence, it’s imperative to not let misunderstandings hamper your relationship.

You don’t spend enough time together

Lost Connection

Another major reason behind a fading connection is when couples stop spending enough time together. While you may not feel the ill effects of it then and there, it’s gradually, over time, that you realize what damage it has caused to your relationship. And the moment you realize it, it’s already too late.

It’s just a phase

Lost Connection

While this may sound strange to many, it’s a fact that feeling zero connection with your partner is just a phase of your relationship. However, not many realize it and give it time to pass. Patience coupled with trust will make you sail through the phase and build that connection all over, or just simply get back the lost one.

Your partner might be seeing someone else

Lost Connection

The worst of all the reasons behind not feeling a connection with your partner is that your partner might have started seeing someone else. Since, most of the time, your intuitions are your guiding force, so even if your partner doesn’t confess it right away, there are chances you might already sense it. So, if you suddenly start feeling a complete disconnect, it may be because your partner might have lost interest in you and has somebody else in his or her life.

You have developed feelings for someone else

If you have suddenly started feeling disconnected from your partner and there’s someone else that has taken over your thoughts, whether you realize it or not, it might mean you have developed feelings for someone else. In such a case, most people try to ignore their feelings and continue their relationship, however this is nothing but a torture on yourself and your partner. It’s always best to move out of a relationship rather than to continue it just for the sake of it.