It’s time for Taylordle: Taylor-themed version of Wordle drops in and Swifties are excited

Taylor Swift

Welcome to Taylor Swift Universe!

“Crestfallen on the landing; Champagne problems”

Now, what does the word “crestfallen” mean, Taylor? Every average audience member who listens to Taylor Swift would have such questions about her Shakespeare-level vocabulary. Clandestine? Precipice? Tupelo?

Ms. Swift is synonymous with writing lyrics that are “All Too Well” relatable for the listeners while managing to insert words that normal people don’t speak. It’s so poetic that fans end up googling.

Thanks to The Holy Swift podcast, there is now a Wordle game made exclusively for the Taylor Swift Universe!

Taylordle‘s invention also comes only days after Swift and Damon Albarn’s feud. The Gorilla frontman, Albarn, caused a social media backlash after claiming in a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times that Taylor Swift “doesn’t write her own songs.” On Friday, the podcast’s creators released “Taylordle,” the newest version of the popular game Wordle, which challenges players to predict a five-letter word from the Taylor Swift Universe in six tries or less.

“Calling all Swifties who Wordle. Introducing… TAYLORDLE.  All of the words are part of the Swiftie universe!” the tweet said. The podcast even challenged the almighty Taylor herself to jump on board to see if she could “get today’s word.”

 The Holy Swift is a weekly podcast where hosts Jessica Zaleski, Krista Doyle, and Kelly Doyle take a deep dive into all things, Taylor Swift. So, if you’re one of the million Wordle users and also a Swiftie, head on over to to see if you can crack today’s Taylordle!

Taylor Swift

What is Wordle?

Wordle, the new online game, has taken over the internet, with millions of people playing it across the world. According to The New York Times, Wordle was built by a software programmer in Brooklyn named Josh Wardle, who knew his partner enjoyed word games and decided to make one specifically for the two of them. Among the millions of people that are obsessed with Wordle are celebrities like Finneas, Billie Eillsh, Jimmy Fallon, and more. The New York Times reported on Monday, January 31, that it had bought Wordle from Wardle for an “undisclosed amount in the low seven figures.”

How do you play Wordle?

Every day, a new, mystery five-letter word must be guessed in Wordle, which can only be accomplished by typing five-letter words into Wordle’s 5 x 6 tile grid. They get six opportunities to predict it correctly, and otherwise, they lose. Players must conceive of a five-letter word and enter it into the grid. If the player selects a letter that is part of the mystery word, it will turn yellow, restricting the player’s options. If the box turns gray, it means that neither the letter nor the placement was correct. There is only one word to guess for all players in a 24-hour cycle, and it’s the same for everyone.