Marry Me Release Date: All you need to know about rom-com starring Jennifer Lopez

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Marry Me is a new rom-com in town starring Jenifer Lopez and Owen Wilson.  The much-anticipated movie was filmed back in autumn of 2019 but it was delayed twice due to the global pandemic, although the long wait is finally over, the movie is releasing worldwide on Friday, February 11, 2022.

The movie is releasing just in time for Valentine’s Day and it is the perfect choice for anyone in need of a little romance.

Apart from the movie, a soundtrack album will be released by two of its stars Jennifer Lopez and Maluma including the title song Marry Me, the first single On My Way plus a couple of duets.

Marry Me Release Date
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Marry Me Plot

The plot of the movie revolves around an interesting twist. Lopez plays Kat Valdez, a singing superstar who is planning to marry the love of her life – Bastian (Maluma) who is a music sensation as well. The marriage will happen on stage with a live audience and more than thousands of people streaming from around the world. The plan is to sing their popular single Marry Me and tie the knot just after.

Except, just moments before the big moment, Kat sees a viral video of the man of her dreams kissing her assistant. But instead of becoming a mess and showcasing he was heartbroken, Kat approaches the stage and marries a complete stranger picked from the crowd.

The stranger emerges to be Charlie Gilbert played by Owen Wilson who is a divorcee and is present in the concert with his teenage daughter and his best friend played by Sarah Silverman

Marry Me Release Date
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After getting hitched in strange circumstances, Kat and Charlie focus on making the relationship work. The big question is can both of them find a common ground and make their strange marriage – a modern fairytale.

Marry Me Release Date

As aforementioned, the movie is gearing up for a February 11, 2022 release.

Marry Me Trailer

The Marry Me trailer was released back in November 2021. It shows the main event on which the movie is based – the moment where Kat and Charlie encounter each other for the first time in the crowded arena. The trailer also includes the first single on the album On My Way.

Marry Me - Official Trailer [HD]

Marry Me Cast

The global superstar Jennifer Lopez is seen in the lead as Kat Valdez who is also a hugely successful pop star who is seemingly on the top of her life initially. In one of the behind-the-scenes videos, Jenifer Lopez is seen talking about how she wanted to present the life of a celebrity in the modern era.

“The fact that you are a celebrity in the public eye, people feel like they have a right to know everything and it’s just like ok, but I do get to have something for myself right?” She says, before adding, “And that’s what we wanted to show in this movie, not just the celebrity that is Kat Valdez but the human being.”


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Owen Wilson, the Marley and Me actor stars as the weathered math teacher, and then suddenly he’s in the spotlight as the groom of the singing sensation Kat Valdez. He was in the concert, accidentally holding the sign of “Marry me” for someone else but looks like destiny had other plans.

The Colombian singer Maluma plays Bastian, the cheating ex-boyfriend which is the first major acting role that Maluma is starred in.

Maluma, real name Juan Luis Londoño Arias, is a Colombian singer-songwriter and the best-selling Latin music artist. Maluma is his stage name made up of his family members’ names.

His first album was released in 2012 and since then the singer has gone to work with superstars like Shakira and Madonna and now Lopez.