The Witcher Season 3: Is it coming to Netflix in February?

The Witcher Season 3 Release Date

It’s February. Your eyes must be glued on the screens just to get a piece of information on when are the new episodes of The Witcher dropping? However, if you had high hopes for February, here’s some bad news. The Witcher Season 3 isn’t coming on Netflix this month, at least.

While the news is surely disappointing for the die-hard fans who are eagerly waiting for the new season, ideally, you shouldn’t get disappointed since it’s too early for The Witcher Season 3 to release on Netflix, given the fact that The Witcher Season 2 just ended recently in December 2021. Also, if you are to say the renewal did happen before The Witcher Season 2 even ended, the latest episodes are not coming still, not that we were really expecting them this early. Or were we?

To be honest, there are no hints of the new season dropping in anytime soon. However, if you have been looking for more information, here is all we found.

The Witcher Season 3 Release Date

The Witcher Season 3 Release Date Predictions

No matter how precise predictions we make for The Witcher Season 3, the fate of the show is in the hands of the makers. Another piece of bad news is that rumor has it that the filming of The Witcher Season 3 hasn’t even started yet. Are all hopes gone? Good things take time and in fact, better things take even more time. That should be enough motivation to keep you going, or shall we say waiting.

According to Digital Spy, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich and Steve Gaub, the creators of The Witcher, are on the hunt for filming locations right now. To validate the fact, Hissrich and Gaub have shared some of their scouting photos on Instagram.

And it seems so, they have found just the right option, or at least, they haven’t returned disappointed. That’s what Hissrich’s latest post suggests.

This should have, already, made you bite your nails as the location hunt usually happens days or weeks, before the start of the filming, if not more. This is a clear-cut indication that the director is all set to call ‘Action’ in a few weeks from now.

However, if this is giving you any hope of The Witcher Season 3 dropping in anytime soon, that’s not practically possible. Because even once the filming starts, it will take months to complete it. And then there’s post-production, of course. Add to it, the burden of the visual effects and the heavy ones, if any.

So, putting it all together, and doing all the math, the possibility of a 2023 release couldn’t be ignored. If everything goes fine, the film might appear somewhere in mid-2023, as per Netflix Life.

Meanwhile, if you don’t want to bring the entertainment to a pause, you can watch The Witcher Season 1 and 2 on Netflix. And if you are living under a rock and haven’t watched The Witcher Season 2 yet, here’s the trailer.