Channing Tatum on Hollywood hiatus: I wanted to take a breather

Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum explains why he decided to take a break  from acting in 2018. During his most recent interview with Variety for their cover story issue, the actor was quite open about everything. For those who are unaware, the hiatus occurred in 2018, the same year that he and his ex-wife revealed their nine-year marriage was ending.

As a result of that life-altering experience, the actor decided to take some time off and do some soul searching.

He started off by recalling the time, “Do I want to act anymore? Was I going to direct? Do I want to be in the industry anymore?”

He even recalled thinking, “I got lucky. I won a creative lottery ticket. I made a little bit of money, so I could take a step back and figure out what life is.”

“I actually took time off. I sculpted. I shot photographs. I wrote my own stuff, not like a screenplay or anything. Just creating on many levels. I wanted to take a breather,” Tatum said.

He also selected this path since he was unable to give his work his whole attention after the separation. Particularly since he had exhausted himself.

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“I felt like I was the fat kid at the buffet, just working and working and working,” he said. “I took four movies back to back without any time off.”

Before concluding he also went on to admit, “I wasn’t as good as I wanted to be in those last two movies because I didn’t have the energy.”

Tatum’s marriage and dating life

On the production of their film Step Up in 2006, Tatum met actress Jenna Dewan, and the two married on July 11, 2009 in Malibu, California. They have one child, a girl, who was born in 2013. The couple announced their separation on April 2, 2018.  Dewan filed for divorce from Tatum six months later.  In November last year, the divorce was completed.

Tatum dated Jessie J, an English musician, from 2018 until 2020. Tatum began dating Zoe Kravitz in 2021.

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Tatum’s career expedition

Tatum made his cinematic debut in Coach Carter, a drama (2005). His breakout part came in the dancing flick Step Up in 2006, which brought him to a broader audience.

Tatum is most known for his major role in Magic Mike (2012) and its sequel, Magic Mike XXL (2015), both of which he produced; he also acted in 21 Jump Street and its 2014 sequel, 22 Jump Street. In the 2009 action film G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and its 2013 sequel G.I. Joe: Retaliation, he played the role Duke. She’s the Man (2006), The Dilemma (2011), White House Down (2013), Foxcatcher (2014), The Hateful Eight (2015), Hail, Caesar! (2016), and Logan Lucky (2017) are some of his other projects.