Euphoria’s Sydney Sweeney and Singer Halsey are all set to star in a movie together

Euphoria's Sydney Sweeney and Halsey in a film together
Courtesy: Sydney Sweeney/Twitter

Cassie and Halsey in a film together? What a surprise!

Sydney Sweeney’s performance as Cassie in Euphoria is the most talked-about performance of the year so far. Her year has just gotten better and hotter. Sweeney is set to appear in a film alongside Without Me singer Halsey. According to Deadline, the film, National Anthem “revolves around a gritty hunt for a valuable rare Lakota Native American Ghost Shirt. Some are hunting for fortune, others for personal freedom, while others simply want to return it properly to its home. No longer will the marginalized be ignored — all must learn to survive or else”

Tony Tost, a poet, critic, and screenwriter, will make his directorial debut. Tost said in a statement, “I am truly honored to have the opportunity to bring National Anthem to life on film, and to work with Page Fifty-Four Pictures, Bron Studios and this incredible cast, I’m especially thrilled to be bringing to the screen a vision of modern rural America that pays tribute to the myths of the West while also radically reinventing them.”

The film also stars Toby Huss, Paul Walter Hauser, Simon Rex, Gavin Maddox Bergman, Harriet Sansom Harris and Derek Hinkey. The film will be shot in Albuquerque with the support of the New Mexico Film Office.

The film will also mark the first major motion picture role for the Grammy-nominated singer. She has previously appeared in cameos in films such as A Star Is Born. Halsey and Sweeney have long been “besties” and this is not the first time they are seen on-screen together. Sweeney previously had a major role in Halsey’s Graveyard music video, and they’ve been friends since.

Sweeney and Halsey were also paired together in Jessica Goodman’s TV adaptation of her book They Wish They Were Us, titled The Players Table, last year. It was Sweeney who pursued Halsey to be on the TV show with her. When asked about working together in an interview, “I had just recently worked with Ash on the music videos together and we just hit it off and she’s brilliant,” Sweeney praised Halsey. “I mean she is so talented and smart and I am so excited for people to be able to see her on-screen and just the length that she’s going to be able to go. And I sent her the book and I was like ‘I don’t know if you want to act or if this would even be something you’re interested in.’ And she loved it, she called and we had a whole like team meeting and that’s how it all happened,” she added.

Halsey and Sweeney are looking forward to collaborating once again. The singer’s official film debut in National Anthem will thrill fans. There is currently no information known about their role in the movie, which focuses on the hunt for a valuable, rare Lakota American Ghost Shirt.

In addition, the singer just announced a summer tour in 2022 in support of their latest Grammy-nominated fourth studio album, If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power.