EXO’s Kai joins the line-up for K-pop festival to be held in Europe this May


Kai from EXO and AB6IX have been named as the final two K-pop performers to join the KPOP lineup. FLEX, a K-pop festival set to take place in Europe in the near future.

KPOP.FLEX revealed on social media on February 2, 2022 that the EXO member and boyband will be the festival’s sixth and final acts, respectively. The event is planned to take place on May 14, 2022 at the Deutsche Bank Park in Frankfurt, Germany.

At the much-anticipated event, Kai and AB6IX will perform with other major K-pop groups such as MONSTA X, (G)I-DLE, ENHYPEN, NCT Dream, and MAMAMOO. KPOP.FLEX tickets are now available for purchase.

EXO's Kai

According to a press statement, FLEX will be the first K-pop multi-group performance to ever visit Europe, with the goal of expanding the European K-pop listening audience through a five-year strategy aimed exclusively at the continent.

Aside from concerts, festivalgoers can expect to see unique artworks by WINNER’s Kang Seung-youn, Ohnim, and former SUPER JUNIOR vocalist Henry Lau, among others. These artworks will also be available for purchase as limited edition prints on location.

Kai made his first solo comeback in November of last year with his sophomore mini-album Peaches, which has the same-named lead song. The idol said during a press conference for the album’s release that recording the album was not a “relaxed procedure.”

KAI 카이 'Peaches' MV

“It took some time because we needed constant evaluation in order to make good songs and a good album. The tough thing was the conflict between not having enough time despite all the things I wanted to do,” he shared.

Kai’s recent comeback

SM Entertainment stated on October 26, 2021 that Kai would release his second solo album in November 2021.
Kai revealed on November 11, 2021 that his second extended play, Peaches, will be released on November 30, 2021. The title track, Peaches, has a lovely touch to it, which sets the tone for the rest of the album, which includes hip-hop-based tracks that recall Kai’s tremendous performance. Vanilla is an indie-pop song with sleepy guitar, bongo, and tropical synthesizer sounds. It compares the experience of falling in love to a smooth vanilla flavor, and the repeating chorus doubles the song’s dreamy ambiance.

EXO's Kai

The song Domino has been described as an R&B hip-hop genre song with powerful bass, percussion, and low-tone vocals that lyrically indicates that once it starts, let’s move away from other people’s gazes or fears and dance as much as we want. Come In is a groovy hip-hop dance genre song that impresses with the usage of layered bases, synthesizers, and vocoders, as well as lyrics that portray the concept of not hesitating in love and approaching boldly. To Be Honest is a song with a rhythmic main riff, drums, and 808 bass, with lyrics about expressing each other’s sentiments honestly and no longer hiding their feelings increases their appeal.

Blue is an R&B pop song with a lo-fi guitar and an emotive piano performance that portrays conflicting emotions such as wanting to be alone but still wanting someone to notice and embrace me.