Tom Holland’s PRICELESS reaction on knowing No Way Home is in the race to overtake Avatar

Tom Holland
Credits: Tom Holland/Instagram

Tom Holland starrer Spider-Man: No Way Home has been a huge success at the box office breaking records of all time since its release last year. In a recent interview video, Tom is completely taken by surprise after the interviewer tells him that the film is just about $20 million dollars away from breaking the all-time highest record of Avatar.

Spider-Man No Way Home is directed by Jon Watts, the movie recently crossed Jurassic World’s record at the global box office to become the most successful movie of all time. The film was an epic success because of the phenomenal crossover featuring Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s respective Peter Parkers who came together with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.

In the interview for BackstageOL recently, host Dave Morales can be heard saying, “The other movie that you have playing right now, very soon to be the biggest movie of all time. Let’s start right there,” the host said. “How does that make you feel, you know, the dream of becoming an actor, and you’re this close to having the biggest movie of all time, how does that make you feel?,” he added.

Tom Holland

With the ultimate look of surprise, Tom looked at someone away from the camera and then looked back at the host saying, “I think we’re a bit ways away from the biggest movie of the time, right? No?”

Although Tom is actually right here, No Way Home has a little journey to complete before it becomes the highest-grossing movie of all time. It is currently at No.6 on the global box office charts.

On the other hand, the host is also right on his part saying that it’s not far beyond Avatar in the domestic box office circle where Spider-Man: No Way Home is placed on No.4  just $23$ million away from surpassing Avatar and taking the No.3 position.

Later on, the host cleared that, “You’re $20 million away domestically here in the United States and you will take over Avatar.”

Suddenly a complete look of shock overtook Tom’s face and forced him to seek some validation from the person outside the camera. He can be seen saying “for real” and turning back at the host, Tom looked completely speechless and was seen in complete disbelief as he processed the news.

Tom Holland

Once he let the news set in, Tom stated that this was the very first time that he heard the numbers and the recent box office news. He goes on to add that he is finding the whole thing completely unbelievable.

“Wow, that’s incredible! I didn’t know that, honestly. That’s amazing!” he said, visibly still stunned by the news. “Wow, um, I mean ..It’s mind-blowing. It’s honestly mind-blowing,” Holland said.

Also, another exciting piece of news for all the Spider-Man fans is that No Way Home hopefully isn’t the last advent on the Spider-Man’s end.

Back in November, Amy Pascal, the Sony Picture franchise producer revealed that another trilogy of Spider-Man movies is in the making.

“We are getting ready to make the next Spider-Man movie with Tom Holland and Marvel. We’re thinking of this as three films, and now we’re going to go onto the next three,” she told Fandango. “This is not the last of our MCU movies.”