Gigi Hadid shares her learnings and the joy of being a mother in first interview post split with Zayn Malik

Gigi Hadid
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Gigi Hadid did her first interview post, the messy breakup with her long-term boyfriend and the father of her baby, Khai; Zayn Malik. She talked about various important things in her life and the difficult phase she has been going through.

Gigi and Zayn separated after six years of being together in October following a fight between Zayn and Gigi’s mom Yolanda Hadid. In October, it was alleged that Zayn supposedly ‘struck’ Yolanda at the family’s home outside Philadelphia. Gigi and Zayn started dating in 2015 and their little girl Khai came into the world in 2020.

In an interview with InStyle Magazine, Gigi reflected upon the important things that she has learned from 2021. “I’ve been reminded that when we get time with people, just really appreciate it and take it all in and try not to wish away moments. Even if there’s something hard, find something beautiful in it,” she told.


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Gigi also talked about her daughter Khai. “She’s just so smart, and she’s so aware. She watches everything, she’s always learning, she’s always looking. She’s just awesome,” she said. She added that she still ‘can’t believe’ she has a daughter and added, “It’s wild.”

While the former couple is yet to issue a statement on their breakup, Zayn uploaded a long statement on Twitter following his fight with Yolanda Hadid “As you all know, I am a private person and I very much want to create a safe and private place for my daughter to grow up in. A place where private family matters aren’t thrown on the world stage for all to poke and pick apart. In an effort to protect that space for her, I agreed to not contest claims arising from an argument I had with a family member of my partner’s who entered our home while my partner was away several weeks ago,” he had said.

Gigi Hadid

A source at that time said that Gigi and Zayn “were not together” but that they will continue to co-parent.

According to the court records obtained by the PA news agency, “Zayn allegedly swore at Yolanda and grabbed and shoved her into a dresser. Zayn later pleaded no contest to all four charges of harassment.

In the same interview, Gigi also praised the feeling of motherhood and how her fellow Mom friends discuss everything related to babies. “You’re obsessed with them, but sometimes you turn and you’re like, ‘Oh my god. Where did you come from,” she continued. Gigi also shared an interesting anecdote of one of the group members suggesting that they all could go out for dinner without the kids. “I was like, ‘Yeah, girl. Let’s go.'” Hadid said in her response to the fellow mom.