12 Tips to help you deal with anxiety

How to deal with anxiety

You are happy and enjoying life one moment, and the next moment you are struggling to not break down. All the anxious people out there would understand the struggle of suffering from an anxiety disorder. Sobbing, worrying, and panicking surely make you feel blue and depressed.

While it may seem there’s no cure to anxiety and the only way out is to resort to popping pills, here are 12 tips that may help you deal with anxiety.

Increase physical exercise

How to deal with anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety attacks, it’s important to increase physical exercise. Running, brisk walking or even exercising can help you stay active and deal with sudden anxiety attacks.

Avoid alcohol consumption or smoking

If you do either of the two, it’s imperative for you to avoid alcohol consumption and quit smoking. These two habits are the worst triggers of anxiety and may make your condition worse.

Limit caffeine intake

How to deal with anxiety

If you are a coffee lover, it might come as a piece of bad news for you. Limiting caffeine intake is the key to dealing with anxiety. If you exceed the recommended limit, there are chances that you may have frequent anxiety attacks.

Include fresh fruits in diet

How to deal with anxiety

Adding fruits and vegetables to your diet is a great way of dealing with anxiety. Fresh fruits are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals that may help control certain symptoms of anxiety.

Sleep on time

How to deal with anxiety

If you are a night owl, you should consider changing your habit right now. A good night’s sleep is essential for a sound body and mind. No matter how many hours a day you sleep, it can never replace the benefits of a good night’s sleep. Moreover, having bad sleeping patterns can trigger anxiety in some people. So, in order to avoid that, consider having an 8-hour sleep every night.

Avoid overthinking

Overthinking, often, gets converted into anxiety. So, if you are looking for ways to deal with anxiety, start it by avoiding overthinking.

Don’t take unnecessary stress

Work pressure or the stress of a rocky relationship may also trigger anxiety. So, instead of stressing about such situations and making your anxiety worse, think of ways to solve the problem. Stop stressing and start doing something about it.

Don’t over exhaust yourself

How to deal with anxiety

If your work keeps you busy and you like it that way, it’s good. But remember while doing so, you are not exhausting yourself. Your body isn’t a machine. It’s a living thing that needs proper rest and relaxation. So, make sure you are giving enough time for your body to recover from the daily wear and tear.

Practice deep breathing

How to deal with anxiety

Deep breathing exercises are another great way of dealing with anxiety. In some cases, practicing deep breathing exercises may help you kick out anxiety at the very moment. Not to mention, it does prove helpful in the long run.

Avoid your triggers

If certain things, thoughts, or people give you anxiety, it’s important to avoid them. While fighting with things is recommended in most situations but when it comes to dealing with anxiety, avoiding the triggers is the best way. If you do otherwise, you may end up making your body go through unnecessary trauma.

Indulge in things you like

How to deal with anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety the best way to deal with it is to make time for yourself and indulge in activities that you like. It may range from spending time with your favorite people to just simply watching a comedy show. Whatever you think is best, just do it.

Taking a breather from daily life

If you are someone who is stuck with a 9 to 5 job or has a business that is extremely demanding, it’s important that take frequent breaks and just enjoy life. You need not have to go on a luxury vacation. Just stay back home, call your family and friends over, or simply read your favorite novel, just take a breather.