5 Tips for forgiving yourself and moving on

Tips to forgive yourself
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What’s even more difficult than forgiving someone? It has to be forgiving yourself. While we are considerate enough to forgive people and give them a second chance, if not more, it is, often, difficult for us to forgive ourselves for our past mistakes.

From blaming ourselves for life to living with the constant regret and anger of not doing something right, the journey can be tough and challenging.

However, it’s nothing but torturing ourselves. It’s imperative to move on and forgive ourselves, just the way we do with others.

Here are 5 tips for forgiving yourself and moving on.

Start with having a word with yourself

How for forgiving yourself

It’s important to talk to yourself about why you aren’t able to forgive yourself. Ask yourself why is it troubling you so much. Once done, explain to yourself how things are not always in your hand. There are times when no matter what you do, it’s never enough and the simple reason behind it is that it wasn’t meant to be. Hence, blaming and punishing yourself for something that was destined to be is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Having a conversation and convincing yourself that it wasn’t your fault will help you take a step towards forgiving yourself.

Jot down your thoughts

How for forgiving yourself

Take a journal and write your thoughts. From the thing that is troubling you to what you think you could have done to change it, write everything down. This will help disperse thoughts in your mind and also clear them to some extent. Once you have done this, ask yourself could you have really changed it? And would have forgiven a person who would have done this? Write whatever strikes your mind. Most probably, you would be able to come out of the guilt and embrace your flaws.

See your mistakes as learning experiences

Every mistake has something or the other to teach you. You always earn experiences. So, instead of blaming yourself, see what you have learned and how you won’t ever repeat those mistakes again. Humans are all about trial and error. And it’s only when you fail that you learn how not to do it.

Accept your mistakes

Tips for forgiving yourself

Acknowledging your mistakes will help you seek forgiveness from yourself. The more you will run away from them, the more they will haunt and chase you. Hence, pause, accept your mistakes, read them aloud and tell yourself it happens. You will feel relieved and will be able to forgive yourself eventually.

Quiet the voices inside you

There’s always a voice in us that reminds us of our mistakes and does not let us forgive and move on. This is where things become ugly and difficult. So, it’s important to ask these voices to keep quiet and not let them add to the regrets. While it can be challenging initially but once you have learned to overcome them, there will be no looking behind. It’s just a matter of a few trials and you will learn to forgive yourself.