Emmerdale’s Michelle Hardwick strikes back at a troll over ‘failed Hollywood career’ remark

Michelle Hardwick

Michelle Hardwick, who stars in Emmerdale, has gone to Twitter to retaliate against a social media troll who mocked her for her “failed Hollywood career.” Michelle, 45, was reported to have returned to the ITV soap after an unsuccessful effort to create a name for herself in Hollywood by a Twitter user, until the mother-of-one clarified the situation and revealed the actual reason she left the show in the first place.

She told her 114,300 followers: “Ok, so when I said the @emmerdale village was windy last week, that was NOTHING compared to today.”

The majority of the responses discussed the windy weather in the area and the plot of the play.

Trolls poke Hardwick on Twitter

One Twitter user, David Gray, however, used the chance to poke fun at the actress for her “failed” Hollywood career.

He wrote: “Seems to be more wind since you came back, what’s wrong did it not work out in Hollywood,” alongside a thinking face emoji. Michelle, on the other hand, was eager to respond, putting the record straight about her absence from the show.

The Emmerdale star wrote: “Hi David, if you actually followed me on Twitter, you’d probably know I left to have a baby.

“Didn’t have time to go to Hollywood,” she added, next to a series of laughing face emojis.

However, the troll didn’t stop there, explaining that despite responding to Michelle’s tweets, he had no intention of following her on Twitter.

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Fans react to Hardwick’s answer

Michelle finally terminated the exchange by wishing the Twitter user a “nice day.” Michelle’s fans were quick to respond to David’s foolish remark after Michelle’s initial response. One fan expressed herself as follows: “Some individuals are completely unaware. Michelle, I really appreciate your response.” Another commented: “Yeah David, leave her alone! I love having Vanessa back in the hood.” Twitter user Karen penned: “I think you’ll find David that the lovely Michelle did not need or even want Hollywood as no Oscar or accolade would equate to bringing her beautiful little lad into this world.” Amanda Wiggins chipped in: “Oh dear! Some people! “Absolutely loving that you’re back. You’re playing your part really well just now,” she added.

Michelle Hardwick background

Michelle Hardwick (born 26 February 1976), sometimes known as Michelle Brooks, is an English actress. She is best recognized for her appearances in the ITV drama series The Royal as hospital receptionist Lizzie Hopkirk and the ITV soap opera Emmerdale as Vanessa Woodfield.