Here’s how to deal with rejection

How to deal with rejection
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Did that ‘no’ is troubling you till date? No matter whether it’s coming from a crush, friend or an interviewer, rejection can make you feel miserable and many are, often, left devastated at the thought of it.

While taking no for an answer is not easy for many, it need not necessarily has to be so difficult and life-altering, too.

So, if a recent rejection is playing with your mental, physical and emotional health, here are few ways on how to deal with rejection.

Don’t forget everything happens for a reason

How to deal with rejection

Dealing with any kind of situation needs you to have a positive approach towards life. An optimistic mindset makes it easier for your mind and body to settle in different situations and it even helps while facing rejection. While not many may agree with this but the fact is everything happens for a reason. You may not realize it at that moment, however, in the long run you definitely will.

Don’t underestimate your self-worth

How to deal with rejection

Our most common reaction while facing a rejection is to doubt our capabilities and underestimate our self-worth. We, often, blame ourselves for not being good enough or well deserving. More so, if it’s about a rejection in relationship, we hurl all kind of abuses at ourselves, however, we tend to forget, it’s not us who are at fault. Not everyone you love will love you back. Not every opportunity you want will become yours. Good things take time, and if you don’t get them you will get something even better.

Never live with trauma

How to deal with rejection

It’s important for you to move on and not continue to live with the trauma. Living with it will only make you suffer for a long time, both mentally and physically. Rejection is a part and parcel of life and it’s important that one learns to live with. While it’s hard and the road to healing can be even harder, all you need to have is a little courage and the will to not take things to your heart.

Never take rejections personally

How to deal with rejection

Remember, taking a rejection personally can add to the trauma. The best way to deal with rejection is to let it go. Taking things personally, often, make things worse for you and for your mind to cope with. Hence, see it’s, maybe, as a scope of improvement or as an opportunity to get something better and move on.

Take some time out for self-reflection

How to deal with rejection

Rejections can, often, fill your mind with lots of self-doubts and apprehensions about your future decisions. Hence, it’s important to take some time out for self-reflection. Sit at peace with yourself. Be unbiased towards yourself and forget what happened. Truly analyze your worth and if need be, go on a vacation or a solo trip. However, this time should be completely yours and should be seen as an evaluation phase or a healing journey.

All the above steps coupled with having conversations with your friends about how you are feeling of late or reaching out to an expert, if negative thoughts have taken over you, will help you beat rejection and see it as an opportunity to learn, grow and gain experience.