Dead to Me Season 3: When is it coming on Netflix?

Dead to Me season 3 release date plot cast trailer
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Did you hear the news yet? Jen and Judy will return with their dysfunctional, toxic yet captivating friendship for Dead to Me Season 3, but unfortunately not in February.

Season one was an instant hit when it arrived on Netflix in 2019 as it was viewed by 30 million people worldwide. Created by Liz Feldman, Dead to Me is a dark comedy about two messed-up women, Jen Harding and Judy Hale, played by Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini, respectively. The pair meet at a grief support group after Jen’s husband, Ted, was killed in a hit and run accident. As for Judy, she apparently lost her fiancé recently. The story follows as they build an unusual friendship over a period of time. 

Dead to Me was renewed for a third season on July 6, 2020, and is currently the final instalment in the Netflix series.

Here’s everything you need to know about Dead to Me Season 3:

When will Dead to Me Season 3 release?

Dead to Me Season 3 production began on May 7, 202, according to the show’s creator, Feldman. However, the filming has been paused after the lead actress Christina Applegate, who plays Jen Harding in the show, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. It was reported that production would resume in early 2022 for three weeks. The streaming service has not announced an official release date yet, but we are hoping for a summer release for the Netflix show.


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Who is in the cast of Dead to Me Season 3?

All of your favorite series regulars are expected to return for Season 3.

  • Christina Applegate plays the role of Jen Harding.
  • Linda Cardellini (Gravity Falls Season 3) in the role of Judy Hale.
  • James Marsden (The Stand, Season 1) as Ben Wood.
  • Sam McCarthy as Charlie Harding.
  • Luke Roessler as Henry Harding.


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*Season 2 Spoilers Ahead*

What’s the plot for Dead to Me Season 3?

In the final episode of Season 2 of Dead to Me, the show ends with Jen and Judy getting hit by a car driven by Ben, the twin brother of Jen’s victim, Steve. Season 2 also revolves around Jen’s confession to Detective Perez. But there’s now a new threat in the form of Ben, who wants vengeance over his brother. His relationships with Jen and Judy are expected to take on a new dimension. Jen and Judy are now more financially set, but that suddenly holds much less significance now that Jen is injured and more people know the truth about them. Since Ben also knows about his mother now, we can expect the relationship between Ben and Jen to get more complicated in Dead to Me Season 3. 

Dead to Me season 3 release date cast plot trailer

Where can you watch Dead to Me Season 3?

The show will be exclusively available on Netflix. For now, you can catch up with the previous seasons so that you’ll be ready when the final season premieres on Netflix.