Kristen Wiig to star in Apple Comedy Series Mrs. American Pie

Kristen Wiig

Apple TV Plus is coming up with a new comedy series Mrs. American Pie which will be starring Kristen Wiig.

The show is based on the novel with the same name by Juliet McDaniel. The show will be of 10 episodes. Laura Dern who is the executive producer of the upcoming comedy will also be eyeing a central role in the upcoming show.

The series Mrs. American Pie is set in the early 1970s. It will revolve around Maxine Simmons who, portrayed by Kristen Wiig, will attempt to secure her seat at America’s most upscale table which is Palm Beach high society. As Maxine tries to cross that line between the haves and the have-nots. The people have many questions. Who gets a seat at the table? How do you get a seat at the table? What will be the sacrifice to get there?

Here’s the full synopsis for the series via Apple:

Mrs. American Pie

A story about gorgeously impossible people, “Mrs. American Pie” follows Maxine Simmons’ (played by Wiig) attempt to secure her seat at America’s most exclusive table: Palm Beach high society. As Maxine attempts to cross that impermeable line between the haves and the have-nots, “Mrs. American Pie” asks the same questions that still baffle us today: “Who gets a seat at the table?” “How do you get a seat at the table?” “What will you sacrifice to get there?” Set during the powder keg era of the early 1970’s, “Mrs. American Pie” is a testament to every outsider fighting for their chance at superficial greatness.

For the unversed, Wiig is remembered for her Saturday Night Live cast member from 2006 to2012. She starred in films like Bridesmaids, 2011 which was co-written with Annie Mumolo. She has also been a part of comedy films like Knocked Up (2007), Adventureland (2009), Whip It (2009), and Paul (2011).

On the other hand, Laura Dern is known for her roles in films like Blue Velvet, Jurassic Park, and also reprised in two sequels 2001’s Jurassic Park III and the upcoming Jurassic World: Dominion which is scheduled for a June 2022 release.

Some of her television projects include Big Little Lies and F Is for Family. Working as a producer she has been a part of the HBO series Enlightened.

She has won numerous awards including an Academy Award, a Primetime Emmy Award, and five Golden Globe Awards.

Mrs. American Pie is created by Sylvia who also served as a writer, director, and co-executive producer on Netflix’s Dead to Me and also recently wrote the screenplay for The Eyes of Tammy Faye.