Love and Leashes Release Date: When and where to watch it

Love and Leashes Release Date

The love for K-drama is increasing. The perfect mixture of storylines, comics, and the cast has been working well for the K-culture. Another thing that is adding to all the fandom is the cute love stories.

Since, Valentine’s week has started, K-drama fans are in for a treat. Love and Leashes is all set to release on February 11, 2022 on Netflix worldwide.

Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming film.

Love and Leashes Cast

The film stars Seo Hyun as Jung Ji Woo and Lee Jun Young as Jung Ji Hoo will have the main role. You will also see Kim Bo Ra, Lee El, Seo Hyun Woo, Ahn Seung Gyun, Kim Han Na, and Lee Suk Hyeong.

Love and Leashes Release Date

What is Love and Leashes based on?

The upcoming Netflix’s K-movies are based on a popular webtoon with the same name and also known as Moral Sense. The webtoon story tells about the rookie co-worker who accidentally finds her senior colleague’s obsession and gets into a contractual relationship outside the office bars. The romance and the emotional turns in the film makes it worth-watching. The roles are reveresed behind the bedroom and the original roles in the office.

Love and Leashes Plot

The movie revolves around a PR agency that employs Ji-woo and Ji-hoo. The former is a rookie who has some sort of romantic feelings for Ji-hoo but cannot confess. With the mixing up of the name, the latter’s private parcel gets delivered to Ji-woo. To Ji-woo’s surprise, she finds a dog leash in the box. Ji-hoo carelessly walks over and informs her the package is his, which shows Ji-woo discovering his S&M obsession.

Love and Leashes Release Date

Ji-woo doesn’t judge him which ends up making Ji-hoo emotional and asks Ji-woo if she will like to be his master in the bedroom, and it starts with a three-month contractual relationship

The film is 117 minutes long and will share romance between the two co-workers played by Seohyun and Lee Jung Young. The tagline of the film says, “contractual relationship that talks about consensual pleasure, play, and pain.”

The film will feature Lee Jung Young as the expert submissive and Seohyun is the rookie dominant in this new relationship.

Love and Leashes Teaser Trailer

The trailer of the film made the viewers more excited. The K-drama has hardly made any Korean movie as explicit as Love and Leashes in sexual insinuations. You can watch the trailer of the upcoming film here.

Love and Leashes | Teaser Trailer | Netflix

The film is all set to release this month. Before the release, you can binge-watch shows like Tune in for Love, Wish You, 20th-Century Girl, and many more on Netflix.