6 Secrets of a happy and healthy relationship

Secrets of a happy relationship
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A 90 something man and 92-year-old woman, holding hands, walking on the beach, and discussing anything under the sun. At least, once, we have got a chance to see the serene view and wonder what keeps them together for so long and how are they still so passionately in love.

While there is no magical ingredient to brew a healthy and happy relationship, however, there are a few golden rules, or secrets, of a happy relationship that not many know about.

If you are wondering what are those, here we list down 6 secrets of a happy and healthy relationship.

Secrets of a happy relationship

Never fear adjustments

Many say compromises are the secret of a happy relationship. We would agree to disagree. It’s not the compromise but the ability to adjust that makes a relationship long-term. Compromises leave a void that is hard to fill and that space always aches. However, adjustments are made purely out of love and this is why they never bother so much. So, if you have been fearing adjustments and are also looking for a relationship that lasts till eternity, you might have to give up on the former.

Be compassionate towards each other

Secrets of a happy relationship

If your partner’s problems don’t seem to bother you, your relationship might not last long. Why, you ask? Being compassionate towards each other is the key to a happy and long-lasting relationship. The more considerate and compassionate you are towards each other, the healthiest your relationship will be.

Never lie

No matter how big a blunder you have made, walk up to your partner and accept your fault. Lying and hiding things will only make the situation worse for you. The more transparent you will be in your relationship, the happier it will be.

Accept your partner’s flaws

Secrets of a happy relationship

No one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes and learns from them. If your partner makes it too, accept it. Don’t nitpick. Don’t count their flaws, instead accept them. Help them change and grow.

Forgive and forget

Many times we do forget things but don’t forgive the person and vice versa. If a happy relationship is all you crave, learn to both forgive and forget. Don’t hold grudges and always be the bigger person by forgiving. Don’t wait for your partner to apologize, take the step and forgive them. This will strengthen your bond like nothing else.

Talk it out

Secrets of a happy relationship

Everyone fights. Almost all of us have differences of opinion with our partners. The best solution is to talk it out after every fight. Don’t drag fights. Solve them then and there. Don’t sleep without solving a fight. Make this a thumb rule. No matter whose fault it was or who should be apologizing first, take the initiative and brew a conversation. Be polite, listen to the other person, and never get aggressive.

While no relationship guide can help you get a happy, healthy, and long-lasting relationship until and unless you want it that way, these tips are for reference when you don’t have a proper solution to problems.