BTS’ Jimin cries after re-watching The Notebook; fans deem him romantic

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Fans love to know the preferences of their idols. this could be their favorite food, clothes and even movies. This is no exception for BTS’ Jimin. Jimin has always carried a cute, sweet and romantic persona for himself. He not only looks the part, but he also has a dreamy and romantic side to him, which he just revealed to his admirers.

Jimin is a huge fan of the film The Notebook. Many have enjoyed or still enjoy the romance film, which was released in 2004. Jimin, on the other hand, isn’t simply a casual enthusiast. He’s mentioned the legendary film as one of his all-time favorites on multiple occasions, and it’s something that drives him to demonstrate the same profound affection for his fans.

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Jimin expresses his love for The Notebook

Jimin took to Weverse, on Wednesday early morning, to express his love for the movie again. The Weverse comment read:

“7th time (watching) The Notebook… heh.”

Earlier as well Jimin had posted a comment on Weverse to tell everyone how much he loves the movie. He also said the he wants this type of love with his fans. The comment read:

“The Notebook. I like it so much that I think I’ve watched it about five times. I like the vibe so much to each and every detail. The portrayed emotions are so beautiful. It’s like I want to have this kind of love with ARMYs.”

He was still not ready to sleep a short time later. He mentioned that he wanted to watch one more movie before going to bed, and he picked his next movie.

“It’s called Allied, this is my third time watching it. Start!”

He later posted that he cried after watching the movies and was now ready to sleep.

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Jimin had this movie marathon while recovering from his recent surgery. Jimin recently had undergone a surgery for appendicitis which was diagnosed  after he had complains of stomachache. At the same time he had tested positive for COVID and was under quarantine and post0op care simultaneously. It seems that Jimin is taking his time out to relax and recover from his surgery by watching the movies he loves.

Fans deem Jimin as a romantic person

When Armies saw this message on Weverse, their excitement was on the top of the world. Jimin watching such movies made them believe that he is an emotional and caring person. Many termed Jimin as a sure short romantic person. Many took to Twitter to write about it. They said that it was overwhelming to see him recover and also share such cute moments with them. Even Instagram edits were no less. Stories, posts and reels were across fan pages that had the same emotion in them.