How to With John Wilson Season 3 gets a go-ahead by HBO

How to With John Wilson Season 3

There is more on John Wilson’s list to teach and ours to learn as HBO announced the renewal of How to With John Wilson for Season 3, barely three months after Season 2 officially premiered.

The series follows John Wilson, mainly on the streets of New York City, exploring seemingly inane topics like how to make small talk, how to find a parking spot in New York City, how to split the check, and many more. He takes two completely disconnected shots from the streets and joins them in such a way that the whole thing gets a meaning of its own, that’s what makes people go crazy for his show.

In the second season’s first episode, a shot of someone with a computer monitor on the ground with a cord serving as a leash and a sign in a basement window that says “man cave” are joined together to create an absurd connection that still feels totally fitting. Amy Gravitt, executive vice president of HBO programming says in a statement, “John finds humanity in the most mundane and absurd places, we’re thrilled to continue seeing New York through his utterly hilarious and poignant lens.”

How to With John Wilson Season 3

The series, executive produced by Nathan Fielder, Michael Koman, and Clark Reinking, was ordered by HBO. As the series premiered on October 23, 2020, its unexpected and heartwarming portrayal at points created an impact and following among the masses due to which, on December 9, 2020, HBO renewed the series for a second season, which premiered on November 26, 2021.

How to With John Wilson is one of the most inventive, brilliant, and hilarious shows on television. In every episode, Wilson tries to answer some very basic question of life initially but makes it something much bigger and humorous at the end, just like in the first episode of the second season ‘How to invest in real estate’ where Wilson tries to get a loan by using popular Twitter reviews of his show from various celebrities to convince a perplexed loan officer at a bank. Things went unexpectedly when miraculously he got a loan and he bought the house from his landlord. He ends up creating meaning in the most mundane things in life. 

How to With John Wilson Season 3

Six questions answered in the first season were; How To Make Small Talk; How To Put Up Scaffolding; How To Improve Your Memory; How To Cover Your Furniture; How To Split the Check; How To Cook the Perfect Risotto. In the very same way, the second season too dealt with six basic questions of life which were; How To Invest in Real Estate; How To Appreciate Wine; How To Find a Spot; How To Throw Out Your Batteries; How To Remember Your Dreams and How To Be Spontaneous.

For How to With John Wilson Season 3, there has just been an announcement for it. However, no further details regarding the trailer and production have yet been given out, but what we’re sure of is that we’ll listen to that simple yet soothing greeting “Hey, New York” once again.