Metal Lords: Here is everything we know so far

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Teen dramas are one of the most anticipated genres in the world. Netflix has its own fan following of teen dramas which make the audience have a certain adrenaline rush. Metal Lords is a Netflix teen music drama film produced by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, the creators of Game of Thrones. Here’s what we know thus far, including some details about casting, what to anticipate from the plot, and who’s involved.

To refresh your memory, David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, fresh off their stint on HBO’s Game of Thrones, just inked a multi-year agreement with Netflix to develop new shows. Metal Lords is one of the earliest projects they’ve revealed, and it’s one of the most likely to come to fruition.

Metal Lords was written by D. B. Weiss and produced by David Benioff. The feature’s production firm is Bighead Littlehead. Greg Shapiro, who is most recognized for his work on The Hurt Locker, is also a producer on the project.

Metal Lords Release Date

Peter Sollett, the winner of the Cinefondation Award at the Cannes Film Festival, is poised to direct. Sollett directed Freeheld, a film starring Ellen Page from The Umbrella Academy, as well as episodes for Hulu’s The Path and HBO’s Vinyl. He’ll also be directing a live-action rendition of the famous computer game Minecraft in the near future.

What’s the story behind Metal Lords?

Metal Lords follows two high school lads and a girl as they attempt to form a Heavy Metal band and prepare to compete in a Battle of the Bands.

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Metal Lords’ official summary goes as follows:

“In a high school where exactly two pupils care about heavy metal, two kids want to establish a heavy metal band.” They attempt and fail to locate a bass player, but they do discover a girl who is an excellent cellist. They’ll never win the Battle of the Bands if the three of them can’t put their differences aside and work together.”

Metal Lords Cast

Elisha Henig (American Vandal, The Sinner), Oakes Fegley (Pete’s Dragon, Person of Interest), and Isis Hainsworth were first considered for the three principal roles (Wanderlust, Harlots). However, we’ve now learned that, at the very least, Elisha and Oakes did not receive the parts while they were negotiating, and it’s unclear whether Isis was cast.

Jaeden Martell (Knives Out, Defending Jacob), newcomer Adrian Greensmith, and Isis Hainsworth were named as the three primary leads for Metal Lords in February 2021. Hainsworth did, in fact, receive the part, as we had previously reported.

We have the character profiles for the three movie leads according to What’s on Netflix:

“Hunter is awkward among other people and has a problematic family, but he buries his feelings behind his one true love: Heavy Metal music.” Metal is the one thing in his life that can take away the gloom and make everything better. He is intelligent, determined, passionate, and eloquent. Hunter and Kevin plan to form a band and prove their value to the world.”

“Kevin is the quiet boy with a great heart who doesn’t know how to express himself.” Hunter, the band’s leader, comes to his rescue. Hunter urges him to progress from marching band drummer to metal drummer. Kevin finds he can reach out and connect with another human being when he meets Emily.”

“Emily plays the cello and is the trio’s lone true musician. She, like Kevin, is quite introverted and avoids social situations. She’s intelligent, sympathetic, and gifted. Because she and Kevin are so similar, they pull each other out of their shells, yet their connection generates tension with Hunter, and Emily isn’t a fan of confrontation.”

When is Metal Lords going to release on Netflix?

Metal Lords was initially scheduled to premiere on Netflix in 2021, and early confirmations from Netflix validated this.

With that stated, 2021 has passed, and the film is now scheduled for release in 2022 on Netflix. That suggests the film will be released in 2022, although the specific date remains uncertain.