Toy Boy Season 2 on Netflix: Here is everything you need to know

Toy Boy Season 2

*Season 1 Spoilers Ahead*

Toy Boy is a sexual thriller (2019) that was launched on Antena 3. Despite the fact that it did not have a large television viewership, the series was a hit on Netflix. The highly anticipated second season is here and here’s all you need to know.  The new episodes began filming in April 2021 on the Costa del Sol.

The TV show had already aired on a Spanish channel, but it had not been as successful as expected. However, after being acquired by Netflix, it saw a significant increase in global viewership.

Toy Boy Season 1

Toy Boy Season 2

Hugo is the protagonist of Toy Boy, which follows him after he is freed from prison after seven years. He was arrested after being discovered on a yacht adjacent to the burned body of his client, Macarena’s husband. Seven years later, his case is reopened as a pro bono matter by a major law firm. Macarena comes from a wealthy and powerful business family, and the Rojas family’s rivalry with her company is said to be at the heart of the strange murder.

The case became much more complicated when it is found that Macarena’s son, Andrea, was raped by someone before the murder. The murder is linked to his rape. Furthermore, Macarena’s spouse, Philip, comes back to life! He is shown to have never died technically, and the burnt body is shown to be that of Alvaro Rojas (of the Rojas family).

Toy Boy Season 2 Release Date

Toy Boy Season 2 will release on Netflix on February 11, 2022.

Watch the trailer for Season 2 here:

Toy Boy: Temporada 2 | Tráiler oficial | Netflix España

What will we see in Toy Boy Season 2?

A charming young stripper, Hugo Beltrán has been able to prove his innocence in the murder of Philip Norman, but the enemies he has made in the process have wanted to collect their debt.

The Toy Boys’ aspirations have been shattered, and Triana is on the verge of death, due to a bomb dropped in the Inferno. And Hugo will not let whoever is to blame get away with it. Who might it have been?

Although the wounds between the Rojas and the Medina remain raw, they appear to have buried the hatchet for the time being. Commissioner Zapata has retired, and Benigna is too preoccupied with keeping Medina-Rojas under control to notice. Macarena has vanished from the city to detox in a clinic for her sex addiction.

Everything leads to Triana’s murderer is a member of the One Percent, a new high-end Striptease club in Marbella. As a result, the Toy Boys begin to dance there, anxious to learn the truth. El Turco and Rania, the Italian brothers who oversee it, however, are adamant about keeping the secrets of their establishment hidden. All this and more could possibly set up the plot for Season 2, as per reports.

Toy Boy Season 2
Credits: NETFLIX

Team behind the show

Created by Cesar Benitez, Juan Carlos Cueto, and Rocio Martinez Llano, and produced by the Spanish production company Plano a Plano.

According to Atresmedia, the show will maintain nearly its entire cast, while some new characters will be introduced. Jess Mosquera (There Down), Cristina Castro (The One That Is Coming), and Mara Pedraza (Elite), as well as two new members, Lex González (The Prince) and Federica Sabatini, appear on the poster.

Maxi Iglesias will Appear Towards the end Of the second season. Enrique Arce (La Casa De Papel), Paco Marn (Journalists), Ibrahim Al Shami (Valeria), Toni Zenit (Hache), and Juan Betancourt (Hache) are among the other actors who will appear in the series.