Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom: DC unveils first look at Jason Momoa

Aquaman 2 Jason Momoa New Costume Suit Explained SR

DC has a list of impending releases this year but one of the most awaited 2022 movie from DC Extended Universe is Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Recently DC released a reel, on their official Instagram handle, encompassing all their upcoming projects and in between those frames one can easily find the exciting looks of Aquaman. 


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In the released video, the first look is his classic green and gold suit from the first film sitting on his rightfully acquired Atlantean throne radiating the alpha vibes. The second look is a new darker, almost black sheath standing on a rocky cliff in front of some kind of ruins.  It appears through the shots that Arthur might be exploring some unexplored or forgotten parts of the kingdom as hinted in the name, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, itself.  It took a long time for DC to bring us the new look for Aquaman whereas the first look of Orm Marius was released by the director James Wan back in September 2021.


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This bearded up look gives some kind of idea to viewers like either Orm was left stranded as a punishment for his crimes or he might have ran from the captivity and all the hiding and keeping a low profile has given him that look, the possibilities are endless. According to the last year’s posts of Amber Heard and Yahya Abdul Mateen, we will be seeing Mera and Black Manta again the upcoming sequel.

Overview of the first film

The son of a lighthouse keeper and the queen of Atlantis, Arthur Curry ventures on a dangerous mission to find his roots. But, with his mother nowhere to be found, Arthur, who thinks he has mastered his unlimited Atlantean abilities, finds himself on against with his power hungry half-brother, King Orm. Situation gets complicated as Orm tries to start a war with the humans on the surface, and crown himself Master of the Ocean after uniting the seven undersea kingdoms.

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Arthur, along with his ally, Princess Mera followed a faint trail of clues to find the Trident of Atlantis, a magic weapon that belonged to its first ruler, Atlan, in order to stop the possible war that can kill billions. In the trench of amphibious monsters, a wormhole transports them to the unchartered sea where Arthur reconciles with his mother and got hold of the mighty trident. As Orm started with his army to announce himself the Master of the Ocean, Arthur shows up with the creatures of the sea. As everyone got to know that Arthur wields the trident, they sided with him and embraced him as the true king. Arthur defeats Orm but spared his life. Arthur’s parents reconciled and Arthur headed towards the throne of Atlantis.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Trailer and Release Date

Trailer hasn’t been released yet but Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is scheduled to released on December 16, 2022 and will be available to stream on HBO MAX 45 days later.