7 Movies about love triangles you shouldn’t miss watching

Never Have I Ever Season 2

Deep down everyone who says they hate drama actually loves it. The truth is that drama is the real spice of life, it makes everything more intriguing and exciting. Luckily there are millions of movies featuring complicated romances for when you want to indulge in some intense drama and not have to go through real-life complications.

Love triangles are the epic advent of complicated romance, they are timeless and classic. Without further ado, here are some of the best and most iconic love triangle movies of all time that you need to see.

Twilight Saga: Eclipse

One of the most popular love triangles of all time is between Bella, Edward, and Jacob. The whole movie is the long play of an epic love triangle, things get intense in the third movie, Eclipse where Bella had to choose between Edward, the Vampire, and Jacob werewolf.


The Notebook

The Notebook

The Notebook is the most loved romance movie of all time. Alice and Noah’s love story is nothing less than magic altogether but the movie’s hottest rain kiss takes place between Alice and Lion who was very nice but just not the one.

She’s Gotta Have it

She's Gotta Have It | My Name Isn't | Netflix

Spike Lee’s She’s Gotta Have It is a masterpiece in which the female lead, Nora Darling struggles not just in a love triangle but a love quadrangle as she juggles relationships with three different men without committing to any of them.

Alex Strangelove

Alex Strangelove | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Netflix has become one go-to spot for all kinds of teen romances. Alex Strangelove follows a high school kid named Alex who is planning to lose his virginity to his girlfriend and long-time Friend Claire but then he meets someone suddenly and develops feelings for him, Elliot who is openly gay and openly into Alex.

The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries

The female lead Elena is torn between two vampire brothers. She initially dated Stefan but deep down she was attracted to Damon from the beginning who was Stefan’s Older brother.

A girl getting into the bond of two brothers was extremely complicated yet exciting. The question of who she ends up with is relevant.


Friends on Showmax | Season 1 - 10 | Trailer

The evergreen sitcom featured various small love triangles but the most epic among them is between Joey, Rachel, and Ross. Although Joey was Ross’s Bestfriend and he understood Joey’s genuine feeling, he wasn’t very thrilled with the idea of him dating his baby mama, Rachel.

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever | Official Trailer | Netflix

The two boys who form the triangle in Devi’s love story are the popular high school jock Paxton Hall-Yoshida and Devi’s enemy, the smart Benen Gross. Both are completely amazing Boys, but there can only be one for Devi in the end. Whereas Paxton has always been Devi’s dream, Ben came as a surprise twist in her life.