Is Daredevil leaving Netflix in March 2022?


It’s been a decade since Marvel Cinematic Universe is ruling the hearts of its viewers. The fandom is so huge that the movies are breaking up the box office with the biggest names of Hollywood wanting to be a part of the MCU films and shows. 

However, of late, we have seen Netflix saying goodbye to its Marvel shows, and many are left thinking why is this happening? To which Netflix has a solid answer. Netflix revealed that the licensing deals of the shows are about to expire next month. As a result, your favorite shows might have to part ways with the streaming giant.

Succumbing to the deal, one such show is Daredevil. Daredevil got premiered on Netflix back in April 2015 and further continued with three seasons. The sad news is Daredevil Season 1 to Season 3 will be leaving Netflix in March 2022.

Daredevil Season 4

It’s worth mentioning that the show was also a part of the best Netflix Originals and is also counted as the best-produced superhero show. 

Matt Murdock got its bigger break and was seen in the larger cinematic universe of Marvel with a cameo in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Some other characters from the series Daredevil, like Kingpin also featured in Disney’s hit Marvel series Hawkeye. This, and more, added to the overall fanbase of Daredevil and helped the show make its way to the Netflix Top 10.

For the unversed, Daredevil Season 3 was released in October 2018 and that was the last season of the show which left the fans a little disappointed.

A plethora of Marvel shows is now leaving Netflix only to be added to the watchlist of Disney+. And rightly so, since the streaming platform is on its way to creating its very own Marvel Universe.

Not only this but The Punisher, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage will all be leaving Netflix.


When is Daredevil leaving Netflix?

All three seasons of Daredevil will be leaving the Netflix libraries on February 28, 2022, as shown on Netflix as a part of their removal notice.

Where can we stream Daredevil next?

Disney+ includes the whole section of Marvel content, so it makes sense that the show will arrive on Disney+. But in the US some of the old Marvel content is not related to Disney+ original content so it has instead been made available on Hulu to stream.